The application for permission to have sex - further proof of total stupidity

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A few days ago I wrote about as society degenerates and is doomed and today we have another swallow.

Someone thought of it, someone supported it, someone paid for it, someone made it, and someone will hopefully start using it. It is nothing more than a "cool app" where you and your lover mutually agree before sex that you agree to have sex... Yes, someone is really serious about this (article). 
I was even more surprised that the project is not just a few crazy IT nerds, but a firm with lawyers and sexologists, which is even from the Czech Republic...

Before the two of them (nowadays it's easily three, it, the dog and whoever else...) should have sex, they would show each other (that is, before everything else) their QR codes and agree in the application what they want and don't want to do together and that they both agree…

Now I'm going to ignore the complete depravity, which is just another step to alienation and the loss of all romance and humanity - but nowadays it's quite common to break up by text message - and try to think about the real meaning.

The authors write that the app "In particular, it will provide evidence in cases of rape, which is currently missing."

And now I wonder in vain how. So if I don't have their app and auntie crazy consent, is it rape? No, probably not...
On the contrary, if both of them have a tick in the application that they consent to sex, this is proof for the court of consent and that it is not rape - again, difficult. I can totally see the abuser saying "...and now the QR code and consent, kitty, if you want to live!" in the passage of the house.

And was this actually sanctioned by a lawyer? Seriously?

Certainly, the fight and prevention against rape is a worthy activity, but I think that's it CERTAINLY NOT!

I'm just wondering if it's just pure stupidity that someone is serious about this, or an intention supported by someone and other open Overton window, how to continue to control and fool society?

EDIT – one more addition from a reader – The app "Watch out Tram!" – at first I thought it was a joke…


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1 year ago

Human debilism knows no bounds, most people are degenerate, I'm not surprised at anything...

Now the degenerate herd controlled by the media, government and hospitals (they follow the protocol to identify false positives, according to the treatment protocol, according to the protocol just to get the money) are already preparing for the next "doses of sleeper vaccines" when they are waiting for these "vaccines" to be approved worldwide substances” – without the need for clinical data! Now they want to inject people without clinically testing them…


Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Even tests for positivity are a cheerful topic. Especially when those who run because of this do not realize that they are not helping themselves and only hurting themselves (expressing their wish for further restrictions, limitations and decline). I always wonder if the test helped him in any way. And I try to explain that if he goes for the test, he will have two options: a) The doctor will tell him: Congratulations, you're positive, here you have paralen, go home, in case of problems, call 911. b) The doctor will say, Unfortunately, you are negative. Here you have a paralen and go home. In case of a problem, call 911.
It will happen to some, but not to most :).

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago*covid is still going on and never ended, primarily deadly co*covid protocols in hospitals, using ventilators that cause co*covid patients to die.. For every patient connected to a ventilator, the hospital thousands. And if this patient officially died of co*covid, she got thousands more. That's a lot of money. From the US: e.g., according to attorney Thomas Renz and whistleblowers, hospitals received approximately $100,000 for each co*covid victim if the protocol was followed. + Senator Dr. Jensen: If you're admitted to the hospital with co*covid, the hospital gets $13,000. If a co*covid patient is on a ventilator, you get $39,000. After 35 years in the medical world, no one can tell me that something like this affects what we do. "Hospitals' COVID-19 Incentive Payments." "Hospitals' COVID-19 Incentive Payments Are Around $100,000 Per COVID Patient."

Thomas Renz: 90 % people connected to ventilators died. 90 % people died. That's the protocol. So listen, and not only is it protocol, but they get paid a lot for it. When you go to the hospital, they do tests on you, they get more money. If they accept you for co*covid, they get more money. They get more money when they put you on remdesivir. When they ventilate you they get paid more, when you die they get paid more..

The co*covid scam based on nothing but politics has destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, all because of incentives, bonus after bonus, pile after pile of money.

Hospital = the only place where you should be safe, the only place where you should be treated with love, care and compassion has turned into a prison camp. A place where you are most welcome because you have a high price, that is if kokovid protocols are followed..

= They must follow hospital protocol. Only they (hospitals) can stop this if they say ENOUGH! Money, bonuses, follow the protocol. And use only approved ko*kovid "medicines" Remdesivir:
Dr. Peter McCullough (Licensed in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease and Clinical Lipidology) said the following about remdesivir: There is a drug that has been shown to cause kidney failure and liver damage. Doctors continue to administer this drug, causing further kidney damage. I have over 500 publications on kidney damage, I'm telling you it contributes to death without a doubt. This is mass psychosis.

"Do not submit to meaningless regulations that have no basis in the law, the constitution or the bill of rights and freedoms."

So: be extra careful whatever you do.
Avoid the hospital! Don't trust the government! Avoid mass media! Fight the lies!