Our society is truly ripe for destruction

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I recently went shopping in a large grocery chain and they had radishes there - a bunch on sale for 2.90,- In fact, a bunch of beautiful big radishes cost only 2.90 CZK.

That's not even the price that would pay for the shipping or the production of the rubber band with which the bundle was bound.

On the other hand, there are people who are willing to pay for a cup sprinkled with gold half a million.

Big ocean liners that cost hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to have someone build are easier to account for right after they are built without ever setting sail, send to scrap, because nobody wants them.

Or maybe people buy cognac pasta. Have you never heard of them? These are "pasta" that are about 5-10 times more expensive than normal spaghetti, but the unique thing about them is that they DO NOT CONTAIN any nutrients at all and their energy value is basically 0. 

And there are hundreds of such examples and these are just the ones I came across in the last few days. So, if people spend a lot of money buying food that INTENTIONALLY does not fill them up, probably so that they can feel like they are "losing weight" for a moment and then they can overeat again, something is wrong.

Yesterday, I experienced something similar at the doctor's - in the waiting room, an obese gentleman cheerfully told how he has diabetes, but he is on a diet and every time he has to go to the doctor, he is careful not to be scolded. And he was very happy to always catch up with her...

It is probably best illustrated by the following picture, which speaks for itself and accurately names not only the past two years, but I'm afraid, most of humanity as well.

Such a society is really not healthy - especially mentally - and is unfortunately doomed.


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1 year ago

Hello Honzo,
I love your contributions, I agree with the content in the vast majority and I have a very similar view of the day. Anyway, I'll allow myself a comment here (in connection with konjac, it's not like it doesn't contain anything). The fact that some food "has no calories" does not mean that it does not contain beneficial substances for the body and nutrition, it is also a case of mushrooms, some vegetables and so on 🙂
You have to look here
I don't want to lecture in any way, I just feel sorry when the text seems a bit confusing like this. Anyway, I "sign" everything 🙂
Thank you and also for everything you do with your colleagues from the Zdravé forum, etc.
All the best

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

The soy sauce happens to be great!

1 year ago

I absolutely agree!! Mainly: ..society is really not healthy - especially mentally - and is unfortunately doomed...

= In my opinion, most people will not survive what is coming anyway, thanks to their stupidity (after inflation, hyperinflation will start, there will be a shortage of everything.. And if the years 2020-2021 were the chapter of covid fraud, 2022-2023 will be the chapter of famine and the following more damage from saving "vaccines"?), the human species seems to be quite degenerate, I can't explain it otherwise...when the governments and media all over the world control them, the sheeple then show herd behavior.. See. today, Wednesday evening, he appeared on TV Fiala, when the subject of the speech was nonsense about the fact that Vladimir Putin and Andrej Babiš are responsible for high energy prices in the Czech Republic. And Fiala did not forget to reassure. They say everything will be fine, gas, oil, don't worry, nothing will happen...
Needless to say.