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People don't want to hear it, they don't want to read it - they want to finally have peace from "this covid" - but sticking your head in the sand will not solve the problem. On the contrary! Because what is happening around us is absolutely crazy and unprecedented.

For all of last year 10% more children than the long-term average were born in our country. This is the same as if not a single child was born in Prague last year...

The number of pilot deaths increased sixfold of Southwest Airlines, and twelve were born where previously there was one stillbirth per month.
Funeral service people in America are seeing a huge increase in heart attacks in children - in their experience they can't remember a 15 year old dying from a heart attack - today it's about once a week.

In Germany (but also in other countries) the death rate - according to age categories - increased, mainly among young people by 10% - 20%.

Excess mortality by age group

When I talk to people at meetings, what more than 1,500 readers filled in (and still fill) in the following survey and what ordinary people see around them is confirmed.
Readers of this blog could select up to three secondary symptoms.
It follows that more than half of people have someone in their environment with a destroyed immunity and they are constantly sick. Every third person knows someone close to them who, according to them, died after vaccination. Another third know someone who has serious oncological or permanent and chronic consequences.
The same is confirmed by some doctors (who are not afraid to speak...)

Consequences of vaccination in your area

What is the worst vaccination experience you have had IN YOUR NEAREST NEIGHBORHOOD or family? (Please, not what you know from hearsay or the internet)
You can select up to 3 options in total

Or, for example, according to of this Telegram channel, where are they DAILY recorded suspicious deaths, the time since vaccination is very often a year and a half.
So, these days there are deaths of people who "accidentally" got vaccinated in the summer of 2021.
It's absolutely crazy - if you look at a few cases - it's like going through a photocopier.

This is the latest Telegram account withdrawal THREE days.

And reporting to SÚKL? Prove deaths directly related to vaccination? Maybe if a person dies directly in the vaccination center with an injection in the arm, I believe there is a 10% chance that it is attributed to the actual vaccination. That the rest would be proven is sheer naivety.

And all these are just "tiny bits" of the reality that is happening around us - whether you believe it or not. No one knows what it is, but scientists do EXACTLY, that with vaccination DEFINITELY NOT!

I'm not a conspirator, I'm not implying - OF COURSE, these are certainly random phenomena, or possibly climate changes... 

In the end, I really don't care - me and my family are fine because we narrowly avoided this game, and I have a clear conscience because my colleagues and I Hello forum we have been trying to call for two years in vain ATTENTION!

But I think that especially those who "have it in their hand" should maybe start asking carefully and not bury their heads in the sand, or still naively claim "how it works great." But what, it's their life and health. 

After all, the capacities and scientists would not lie to them, just like many times in history...


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Continued text and death increases for 2022 Unrelated II and Unrelated III

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1 year ago

….Football players are still collapsing, having heart attacks and even dying right on the field, just in one week and of course all traceable, it was broadcast live…:
On Wednesday during the cup match suddenly collapsed 28 years old Brazilian player Zé Carlos from the Ferroviário club.
In Spain 25-year-old Serbian defender Dragiša Gudelj collapsed on the field and suffered a cardiac arrest.
Defender of the Ivory Coast in the RC Abidjan team of Moustapha Sylla, who sadly died after collapsing during a league match. He was just 21 years. 
In Greece last month he suddenly collapsed without any contact with another footballer twenty year old player from Karditsa and later died in hospital. 
35 years old three-time Olympic champion he died unexpectedly……..and i could go on..

1 year ago

In my neighborhood, only a minimum of people remember covid. It's just the past and the politicians lied as always. I don't think they see it as a sign of dictatorship. I have also heard "You unvaccinated people are still dealing with something".

But I have to say that no one around me died after being vaccinated. One colleague is an extreme menstruator. bleeding and limited range of motion of the arm. She filled it out on the spur of the moment, her doctor refused to do it because it was unrelated.

Reply  Eva
1 year ago

"extreme menstruation" is just one of the proven proven evidences that the toxic poison targets the reproductive organs. It actually circulates in the body and settles where it has nothing to do.

1 year ago

!EXPERT: Nattokinase detoxifies Sproteins from the body!
Full article:

Important content briefly translated:
Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH – nattokinase (a natural enzyme found in fermented soybeans) is an effective agent against co*covid “vaccine” spike proteins (not only). People who have been "vaccinated" constantly ask what they can do to "get it out of my body". This inspired him to write an article about nattokinase, which describes this substance as the most effective and publicly available “covid-19 vaccine detox holy grail”…
…the best part is that it is relatively cheap and sold without a prescription as a dietary supplement.
E.g. via the product search engine,[phrase]=nattokinase&o=3

Nattokinase is cheap, widely available, and it works.

“Nattokinase is an enzyme [that] is produced by the fermentation of soybeans by the bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and is available as an oral dietary supplement," explains McCullough. "It breaks down fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines and factor VIII and has been investigated for its cardiovascular effects."

+All the effects of Nattokinase, in a nutshell: prevention of blood clots and improvement of blood flow in vessels, strong fibrinolytic activity (dissolving blood clots/thrombi), antihypertensive effect (lowers blood pressure) and positive effect on blood circulation disorders, lowering lipid levels, neuroprotective properties – has positive effects on the nervous system (e.g. protects brain cells, increases blood flow to cerebral vessels).

+ Nattokinase is described as a unique natural component that has its place in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and should be used in the prevention and treatment of these diseases.
+ In a cell lysate preparation, which he says could be similar to a recipient of a "covid vaccine", the researchers successfully demonstrated that spike proteins degrade in a time- and dose-dependent manner after exposure to nattokinase.
+ Nattokinase successfully degraded vaccine spike proteins in cells.

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

It works wonders, cleaning the arteries by helping to remove plaque and dissolve clots. I lived in Japan and I like natto quite a bit, with soy sauce, strong mustard with Japanese rice.. I am increasingly pessimistic about the chances of many of the c-19 vaccine victims even seeing the years to come.

1 year ago

The current government of the Czech Republic and hospital directors are having a hard time keeping calm, it has nothing to do with vaccines.
After all, the primary task for a coward is loyalty and continuing to protect the foreign pharmaceutical giant, which together with Brussels "rules" here and, just to be sure, always puts something in their pockets.

And that is why the covid toxin mRNA injection continues in the Czech Republic, but only 2 times a week, at least in VFN Prague.
Where have all the state control "chains" disappeared, which were supposed to ensure that exactly this did not happen?
Shouldn't there also be stuffed envelopes, and obedient people at designated places?

So it looks like the pharmaceutical vaccine games will end with impunity when the players run out.
And then comes their final repetitive game and herding "cattle" onto the battlefield? Then to tell the people who survive that there is a danger of a new disease and they need to be vaccinated against it.–4pg19_JdGbp118L44D3PDvcbPX8JZaVCQyx1mACGB4LLNiC3PJ5MDl669l2NqLQWQNcPegMv18k9SsVCo9wjUuXIvD9MpsF6ll_XSivq_itLhRkYFZRirJUUgqQvcgO1CYPvvDGfekC9byDEN7pQMC6GDSehZgEtA0Yb0QSxbo1pSPRV6qD4NE_mYbXs5K&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Reply  Martin
1 year ago

ko*kovid was a marketing ploy with pornography of fear and power grabs to sell a bogus “vaccine”. And the bogus "vaccine" served as a distraction and compliance test so we wouldn't notice everything else going on (such as disappearing money, where cash will disappear by the end of the decade if we don't fight hard, then hyperinflation with food shortages and the prospect of nuclear war). .

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

+ ongoing war, in the background of the installation of 5G and 6G networks, !digitalization! (not only) economies…

1 year ago

Off topic (don't kill), I made an update on the ZF discussion forum in the section:
TUTORIAL: How to bypass censorship on the Internet, stay anonymous and how to best secure your computer! (updated 2/2023)”
(WebRTC Leak Prevention, WebRTC Leak Prevention, DNS Leak Protection, etc.)

1 year ago

And meanwhile, currently: US and Canadian Air Force fighter jets are using expensive rockets to shoot down birthday balloons and claim to be "defeating" these objects, all part of a massive psychological operation to suggest that aliens are invading Earth's atmosphere and that alien craft are shot down by modern jet fighters.
Every effort is made to portray these "objects" as mysterious, possibly extraterrestrial vessels. And it's all ridiculous. When was a "flying object" shot down over Canada. This object was described as a "small metallic balloon" (ie, some little boy's birthday balloon filled with helium) that rose into the air.

Look, the idea that poor fighter jets could defeat alien technology is absurd. They certainly aren't stupid enough to have their UFOs shot down by military morons from Canada and the Pentagon! The good news is that if America is attacked by birthday balloons, they have an effective national defense system 😀

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

The Pentagon admitted yesterday that it spent a large amount of munitions and taxpayer money to defend US airspace against what was not an alien craft, but an ordinary airship - in other words, a balloon(k)!
"They could just be balloons connected to some commercial or benign purpose," National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. "We don't see anything at this point to indicate that this is part of an espionage program or indeed any kind of intelligence gathering against the United States,"
= Yes, we knew (well, I hope all of us here) that they weren't aliens. But they let us think that for a moment. A nice distraction from the real events.. And all this with the extent of the chemical disaster in Ohio being "classified"! And all this happened while shooting down these "balloons":
On February 3, a Norfolk Southern train carrying several hazardous chemicals in 20 box cars derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, and a massive explosion occurred. However, the release of highly toxic vinyl chloride gas has created phosgene and hydrogen chloride across the city, with several people sharing photos and videos of large plumes on social media.
At least one local journalist was arrested for attempting to report from the scene!

New information: The chemical weapons gas bomb that government authorities detonated in Ohio was obviously an intentional act as well as a crime against humanity + the environment. I have seen a recording with an accredited hazardous materials response expert who said that these chemicals should never have been ignited by the authorities.
Bottom Line: Of course burning vinyl chloride releases phosgene, a World War I chemical weapon that maims or kills biological beings on contact! The train accident provided the perfect cover for genocidal government agents to essentially detonate a chemical weapons bomb over prime farmland near densely populated cities. The entire Ohio River basin will be affected by the fallout in the coming years, with massive die-offs already reported, and soil and foliage will be affected by actual acid rain (hydrochloric acid) produced when vinyl chloride combustion products combine with water vapor in the air.
The media is mostly silent about all this and pretends that the real threat to humanity is carbon dioxide!

– And just to add that a month ago a large chemical plant in America exploded in La Salle, Illinois (near Chicago) and released a huge toxic cloud of potassium permanganate. This pattern of chemical "accidents" is beginning to resemble food infrastructure sabotage in the US, with more than 100 food facilities burning in the past 18 months -

== No wonder most people believe it was an accident. Just like they believe that the co*covid “laboratory escape” was an accident.
And vaccine injuries are an accident. When it comes to global genocide, there are no coincidences. All these things are done deliberately with the fixed goal of global genocide and depopulation.
The oblivious (vaccinated) masses still have no idea that they are being systematically EXCITED by a series of (un)planned disasters ==

why now Hey, does this all sound like there's (another) story being made here? Never forget that governments (worldwide) don't say anything they don't want us to know, they are adept at using various agencies to create false narratives and pass them off as legitimate to achieve certain policies.

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Exposure to just 1/32 millionth of a gram of DIOXIN is your maximum !lifetime allowable exposure! However, derailments and explosions released one of the most toxic substances known to man: dioxins, and on a massive scale..
"Neil Donahue, professor of chemistry, is concerned that controlled explosions have released tons of dioxins, which are created by burning chlorinated carbonaceous materials. Vinyl chloride is bad, dioxins are even worse as carcinogens..”
The EPA reference dose for dioxins is 0.000,000,001 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day (mg/kg/day). This "reference dose" is the highest amount that an individual can regularly consume without developing any disease.

= The dioxin disaster will manifest itself in the coming months and years. Dioxins were the main carcinogenic Agent Orange used in Vietnam. Dioxin is also abbreviated 2,3,7,8 and is sometimes called dibenzofuran or TCDD. dioxins are not something that floats away and degrades; they are not something that can be forgotten tomorrow. Chemically, dioxins have a double benzene ring structure, which makes them extremely resistant and persistent. Studies show that dioxins accumulate in lipids in the food chain and cause disorders of lipid metabolism. They are also bioactive, disrupt hormones and pass through breast milk.
And the question occurred to me - Cancer, hormonal disorders and other significant weakening of immunity will be an inevitable consequence of VS just another masking of toxic and dangerous co*covid "vaccines"?

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

!!Entire families are already coughing up blood, suffering from other health symptoms after the massive toxic cloud created by the Ohio rail disaster (when they tried to cover it up by blabbing about downed UFOs and objects)!!

Meanwhile, the bidet flew to the sidelines to give them another $500 million in taxes.

Norfolk Southern is reportedly REFUSING to disclose what all the chemicals and toxins were carrying on the derailed train in East Palestine.

The toxic cloud that dumps extremely toxic dioxins over vast areas of residential homes and farmland was intentionally created by the open burning of vinyl chloride, which produced dioxin combustion by-products that are orders of magnitude more toxic and dangerous than the original substance.

Some residents of the crash site are already reporting oil residue in their tap water and suffering physical symptoms despite being told by federal and state authorities that "everything is fine." According to the residents, the sounds of wild animals are also missing in the area – chirping of squirrels and chirping of birds, Wildlife has disappeared, etc.
Already, some people there have suffered painful nausea and coughed up blood since the incident, and now fear the possibility of being diagnosed with cancer in the future due to the presence of two known carcinogenic chemicals in the fire cloud the crash created.

"The day after the derailment, I started having symptoms, almost like covid symptoms, like someone was pressing on my chest. I had very strong pressure. As the day went on it started getting stronger and stronger. I had a cough, a very bad feeling in my lungs and throat. And the next day it got worse. My lips, nose and eyes were burning and I had a bad cough.”

What health problems does dioxin exposure cause?
1) Suppression of the immune system.
2) Infertility, spontaneous abortions.
3) Extreme hormonal disorders.
4) Developmental disorders in infants and children.
5) DNA mutation.
6) Cancer.

The poisonous dioxin gas bomb that was just dropped over Ohio is also a genetic mutation bomb that will destroy the lives of millions of people for generations to come.

no one yet
no one yet
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

"The most striking thing is that the mainstream American media paid no attention to the disaster. Why?”

"The main shareholders of the transport company are "JPMorgan Bank" and the largest investment funds "Vanguard" and "BlackRock". This means that it is not even an imaginary confrontation between "Democrats and Republicans" - most of the American elites, including media owners, are nourished by these organizations. They are respectable people with a reputation, and here is some wretch complaining about vomiting blood and dead cows.”

1 year ago

What else can be expected when the obvious decline or degeneration of most people has already been so enormous for the last few years thanks to mass media work in the form of one truth and propaganda and the Western consumerist lifestyle.
The biggest problem and enemy for conscious people is the decline of thinking and the ignorance of people forming the cogwheels of the functioning of every state apparatus. Whether they are employees of institutions and offices or employees of the mass media.

Below is a small example of slave labor in the roles of KHS employees who, in 2023, fine lawyers for not wearing masks during a state of emergency, but the very fact that the same ones who "assign" them and pay them left many of them with,, narvat" under the pressure of mRNA toxins, the slaves still do not run out of KHS.

It doesn't even occur to them that this state here has already demonstrably committed genocide of its own population.
Slowly and calmly, they also let themselves be liquidated. It has a small temporary advantage for them, they are still rewarded for it.
It started with vaccines and is supposed to end with digital cash and owning nothing.

1 year ago

At the start of the (fake) pandemic, there were supposedly billions of particles in the air from people coughing, sneezing, talking, shouting and singing, which would surely cause any unmasked person to catch co*covid and probably die from it. That was the story in all the mainstream media. ACTUALLY IT HAPPENED ALL OVER THE WORLD!
Then everything was called off. At first it was said that masks don't prevent you from spreading "it", they prevent you from getting it. Then they said homemade masks aren't good enough unless you layer them twice and they don't fit your chin and face tightly. Then (quite) recently they started claiming that only N-95 masks work, which (was) actually also a lie.. Masks are not what they seem and most of them are completely useless, not to mention that in the mouth, throat and lungs release bacteria, which leads to serious infections, including co*covid complications. Oops – fake science, fake epidemic, fake “vaccines”. Anyone who keeps saying the opposite is LYING!

A few observations (below) of the co*covid idiocy where the covidians (cult) have relentlessly sought to have every person on earth "fully" hit with billions of toxic prions that cause blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis and turbo-switched cancer. If we all didn't get these gene-mutating vaccinations that change human DNA forever (for the worse!), we would surely all die from this flu, this is what they claim AND NO NO NO.. Then every few weeks this sect backs off and retracts another claim, trying to sweep the tracks while still pushing for booster injections to drive the remaining roving inoculated zombies underground.
Follow the science, they said. Follow the science, they've been saying that on TV all day. However, science proves that every theory this sect came up with was nonsense and proved to be no more deadly than a seasonal flu or a bad cold!!

So without further ado, here are a few things the covid cult told us we had to do to keep from dying, which gradually turned out to be utter nonsense:
1) Avoid using cash as co*covid (worldwide digital currency transition plan) spreads
2) All masks are useful, so wear them at all times, indoors and outdoors (virtually no masks work and harbor bacteria in the mouth, throat and lungs that help the already bogus PCR tests lead to false positives based on bogus science)
3) “Vaccines” will flatten the curve, prevent you from catching co*covid, prevent you from spreading it, and prevent you from catching a “severe case” (all the lies were systematically debunked once the truth came out)
4) "Fauci's flu shots" are not responsible for heart attacks and sudden death syndrome, but cold showers, whistles from referees, video games, toxic particles in the air and ... colds!
5) Lockdown will save us all from co*covid, although the restriction of staying in nature weakens our immune system
6) Remdesivir is the drug of choice if you are hospitalized with a severe case, even though Remdesivir decimates kidney function and is essentially a death sentence by itself.
7) Hospitalized co*covid patients had ventilators stuffed into their windpipes to "help them breathe", but 75 % patients who were put on them died within 4 days and most of the survivors suffered permanent nerve damage!
8) Boosters will help fight the variants, the sheepmen are told, but they are completely useless and now contribute to the AIDS-like chaos of immune system incompetence
9) All co*covid vaccinations are “safe and effective”, say the covid zealots, but they are the ones clutching their chests and collapsing from spike protein syndrome and SADS!!

Almost daily, peer-reviewed meta-analyses and covid-backs come out that scientifically prove that all government and covid "conspiracy theories" are just that, made up, and everyone who fell for these scammers is paying for it with their health or has already paid the highest price - their life. It has also been proven more than once that there is no such thing as "long covid", it is primarily health damage from these experimental injections.

Not related! 🙂

1 year ago

"People don't want to hear it.." = exactly, the covid chapter is over for them, but I STILL HEAR THE SAME programmed LIES: IF YOU WERE NOT VACCINATED, YOU'D HAVE A SEVERE COURSE (AND ENDED UP IN THE HOSPITAL), etc.

+ on the subject of a short video – the time is set for the video, just start/open the link, see:
= Koler gave good information here about “vaccine + co*covid” (not only from China. It is a video published from today 13.2.).
I'm just reminding myself that from the beginning, the disruption of family relationships, neighbors, etc.
Anything that I have ever uttered/raised/brought out to anyone, was immediately understood by the majority as some kind of "attack" and that it is literally "bullshit and lies".
That's why I primarily deal with my family and those I've been able to protect because:
"Vaccinated" individuals are much more likely to fall than those who are pure and non-genetically modified…