The West - freedom and democracy?

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You remember how it was two years ago when you wanted to write ANYTHING, which contradicted the general perception of covid?
Even if you started every text with the words "I don't deny covid, but..." - you immediately became a "denier" and a "flu-monger" for the mainstream anyway.

However, similar dishonor continued - if you wrote later ANYTHING against the miracle vaccine, even if you started with "I'm definitely not against vaccinations, my whole family has all the mandatory and optional vaccinations..." - yet you were "anti-vaxxer".

What about the fact that almost everything we said and warned against unfortunately came true - well, let's turn the page...

And today it's here again - just write anything against Petr Fiala's government, gas prices, the fact that it is not entirely ideal to constantly go to war and that every war must ALWAYS end in a peace agreement - about which, by the way, I haven't heard a single word from our government word... And even if you start the article "I'm definitely not a supporter of Putin and his war, but..." - you are still immediately labeled as a Russian (sorry Russian - I forgot) cockroach and collaborator.

The exact same picture occurs if one tries to point to ANY Nonsense with energy or the European Union - they immediately send people to Russia again, or associate them with communists...

Does it really seem normal to you, where society has come to?

But you're right - in China, people go to camps for opposing views, and in Russia, people jump out of windows for them - but of course it didn't start with those camps and falling out of windows. Just like the extermination of the Jews did not start with the concentration camps, but it began many years before the war - for example, with people shouting at the Jews, swearing at them, and already in 1935 the Nuremberg Laws were adopted - politicians and the media fed and supported everything, and society remained silent and soon she accepted their insane rhetoric. 

It is still understandable that private media, paid by someone and looking to make a profit, are doing this harassment, but for two years now the public media have also participated in this hunt, which has completely resigned to any pillar of the protection of democracy, law and freedom.

I always wanted to belong to the west and of course I looked up to democracy and freedom, but I am afraid that in the west these ideals are only empty concepts that today's "liberals" like to flaunt so terribly, but these words today mean something completely another - I wouldn't even be afraid to say the complete opposite.

Yes – war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength…


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1 year ago

I agree with almost everything, gene vaccines, covid, intolerance of other opinions, etc.. Only Ukraine is a lot of trouble for us there, and if you left it out of the list, I could happily sign everything, but this doesn't always sit well with me, from you, from Rajchla, from Majerová, from Klaus, anyone with whom I agree on many things regarding the EU/progressives, etc. We are miles apart on this and it is quite important to me. I am not pro-Brussels, even the current Biden administration bothers me (but I think he will lose in November), but the fact is that Ukraine was attacked and no one else. Certainly not Russia. If it fought for the non-expansion of borders with NATO, then in Finland it didn't quite succeed, did it. I think Putin is not really afraid of a NATO attack, he is pulling his resources from the Finnish and Baltic borders to Ukraine, he just wants to take territory, as always.
The war was clearly started and led by Putin and is being fought against Ukraine. The government of the Czech Republic is not a war party, so it cannot end anything (I voted for Svobodná, not this or the previous government). Only Russia and Ukraine can terminate. Russia can end immediately by withdrawing beyond its internationally recognized borders. Ukraine can end (without Russia's cooperation) only by giving up territories conquered by Russia, like when Czechoslovakia gave up the Sudetenland. This did not lead to peace, not even for Paris, where the "peace" achieved by the surrender of the Sudetenland was celebrated. It wasn't long before Paris was occupied. I don't understand the feeling that Russia will stop short of Donetsk, Kharkiv, or even Odessa. He won't stop as long as he can. And if it doesn't work, he stops for five years and then moves on. Unpunished aggression with territorial gains is a win win and if someone gains by an act, it is a profitable act and so they will do it again. It is important that aggression does not pay off and will be stopped just like that. What doesn't pay off doesn't continue. What's worth it continues. That's just the way it is.
The only thing the Czech government (and the West) can do is "sacrifice UA Sudetenland" - stop supplying weapons. Stopping the supply of arms to those who have been attacked will not end the war, it will only interrupt it. Maybe for a year or two. The exhaustion of the aggressor, who is close to the situation, can interrupt it for a longer period of time, or even end it (a change of regime would end it, not a change would only interrupt it).
Last but not least: any lines that sound nice to Moscow and ultimately demand the handover of UA territory to Russia drive a lot of people away from parties and forces that otherwise have very reasonable proposals for solving the problems of the West (us) in accordance with what you write that bothers ( me too) – medi-totalitarian tendencies, culture of interference, strange ideologies around the Green Deal, energy-self-destruction, etc. As long as I hear “we are supposed to make peace, we are at war”, I feel like I am hearing an echo from Moscow, because it is not true, and rather (if I couldn't vote for Svobodna, if they started saying the same about UA and RU) then I'll vote for some self-denying Fial and slap myself on the hand, because geopolitically it's not in our interest to have an aggressive regime behind Košice. The USA can change even with elections, for now... Russia is completely different (perhaps also for now). We need to change the West back to where it was (freedom) and we can still do it. If we don't succeed (it won't succeed by splitting free-thinkers into UA RU problem), China will rather swallow us all. Being friends with Poland, Britain and the (hopefully soon changed) USA is better for us than Germany-France (EU), which is still better than an aggressive Russia, or being a vassal of China.

Reply  Karel
1 year ago

Once again, even for you, it's all theater, Putin is the same puppet and controlled WEF aspol. always Vegetables, so:

==And the real goal is to enslave the human race, with subsequent depopulation and this is happening for the third year, it continues (even with this artificial conflict between the RF and the UKR), be fully aware of that. Everyone reading this. We are all victims. Cheating. And there is no good side in this artificial war conflict, there is no cheering for slavia or sparta, it is all waged against the common people. Against me and against you.==


Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

That's right, the whole world is a theater, since the biggest fraud perpetrated on people in three years, it continues, nothing has ended.. Mr. "Karel" should wake up on the whole line, or, if he lives to see it, he will be again to agree with almost everything (gene vaccines, covid, intolerance of other opinions, etc.) which is now equally (as with covid) considered a hoax, misinformation…
Only a blind person can't see it anymore, or a naive fool. In fact, we may already be past the tipping point where billions are programmed (covid vaccine) to die in the coming years.

What is the difference between a covid anti-vaxxer, a denialist and the current situation, again primarily media-inverted and twisted against a different way of thinking/reasoning than one officer states. and holy narrative?!
Or find the difference between KOVID and CONFLICT:
comment image

1 year ago

Last sentence = Orwell has already fulfilled himself. We live in it.
And don't forget about covid, which (again according to the lying media and the government) is "coming to life":
The Belgian immunologist and top medical analyst received a booster injection, his third dose, and is now suffering from an influx of cancerous lesions in his lymph nodes like "fireworks". Michel Goldman, formerly head of the Institute for Vaccine Technology Analysis, previously very openly promoted the “safety” of “covid vaccine” injections, particularly mRNA, and claimed that if clotting injections had any “real disadvantages” we would already know. He was dead wrong about that..:
Goldman is now suffering from the irony of his own advice. According to the diagnosis, his cancer prognosis has seriously worsened as a result of this life-saving "vaccination", and especially as a result of the booster vaccination. Cancer feeds on weakened tissues, and vaccines clog the vascular system, depriving organs and tissues of vital oxygen and nutrients. And now even the top immunologists who got vaccinated against the co*covid scam are not only admitting, but suffering the consequences themselves. mRNA vaccines instruct human cells to produce an endless stream of toxic proteins (prions) in the vascular system that spread throughout the body, despite what was said at the beginning (that they stay at the injection site).
Most cancers are now linked to mRNA vaccines and the vaccine industrial complex and the fake mass media, (nova, th, list..all MSM) are trying their best to cover it all up. Goldman cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the T-cells that coordinate the body's immune response to pathogens. Yet mRNA vaccines create billions of invasive pathogens to stimulate the immune response to SARS-CoV-2. Goldman's T-cell lymphoma is now being assisted in its invasion by an entire army of pathogens, and there is no end to their ongoing onslaught. The mRNA vaccines appeared to stimulate the formation of tumors and lesions, making Goldman's cancer much, much worse.
"increase the risk of developing autoimmunity and suggests that mRNA and DNA vaccines that cause the body to make large amounts of spike proteins could do the same."

+ Vaccination against covid must stop, says a renowned cardiologist who used to promote vaccination:
( + /224)
A top cardiologist in Great Britain calls for an immediate end to the administration of "vaccines" against covid worldwide, Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Any purported benefits associated with the injections simply don't outweigh the abundant risks, Malhotra revealed in an article he authored that was published Sept. 26 in the Journal of Insulin Resistance. This work contains all the latest evidence against the injections, which Malhotra calls the "smoking gun."
Now that we know that both Pfizer and Moderna lied and concealed the risk of serious side effects in their clinical trials, there is no doubt that the only right thing to do is to stop injecting people immediately.
The same studies by Pfizer and Moderna, as Malhotra revealed, also prove that the injections do not in any way reduce mortality, or even serious disease, as claimed in the beginning. This means that injections are demonstrably useless from a public health perspective.
Malhotra received the primary batch of Pfizer's messenger RNA (mRNA) injection back in January 2021. At the time, he was a proponent of the injection and appeared on the TV show "Good Morning Britain" to promote it. After Malhotra's father, Dr. Kailash Chand, suffered a cardiac arrest at his home about half a year after receiving injections from Pfizer, Malhotra began to delve deeper into the matter only to later change his mind about the injections.
"An autopsy showed that two of Chand's major arteries were severely blocked, even though Malhotra described his father as a healthy person with no significant heart problems," reports The Epoch Times.
"Malhotra began reading about post-vaccination problems, including a study abstract in the journal Circulation that identified a higher risk of heart attack after vaccination with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and a study from Nordic countries that identified a higher risk of myocarditis."
“I have always approached medicine and science with uncertainty because things are always evolving. And the information I had at that time is completely different from what I have now,” Malhotra told the Times.
“And in fact, it's my duty and responsibility, because the information has changed, to act on it. And that's what I'm doing."

==And the real goal is to enslave the human race, with subsequent depopulation and this is happening for the third year, it continues (even with this artificial conflict between the RF and the UKR), be fully aware of that. Everyone reading this. We are all victims. Cheating. And there is no good side in this artificial war conflict, there is no cheering for slavia or sparta, it is all waged against the common people. Against me and against you.==