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With Jirka Havel about the books – Guide to the Rabbit Hole and The War with the Trees. How prepared are you for the next tree war?


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27 days ago

+ The true nature of Zionism is abundantly clear, it is our most dangerous enemy, it is everywhere. We live under the tyranny of a geopolitical cult whose desire for destruction and human suffering knows no bounds, destroying people's lives, property and dreams.

"How can we hurt more people today?"
"How to destroy more nations so that America can maintain its (waning) dominance for a few more years?"

We have a lying government, failing integrity of "elections," a failing judicial system, failing fake currency, fake corporate media, fake war propaganda, a failing education system, and a science and medicine weapons system that is literally developing and deploying biological weapons against people..
And they continue to support and sell out to the fringe, azrael or other foreign interests - while completely abandoning the pressing domestic issues that threaten the very existence of our country = it's insane!

It's time for a new political party (alliancenarodnichsil?.cz) that won't include Zionist stooges, Big Pharma pill pushers, warmongers from the military-industrial complex, and corrupt, incompetent lunatics who want to drag us all into World War III.

== And the current one-party system cannot be saved or reformed. It's too far. Elections don't matter anymore because no matter who you vote for, you always get political greased up sh*t ==

+ We miss our children, but otherwise everything is fine..:

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"..we have two years behind us with an approximately ten percent year-on-year drop in the birth rate, almost a fifth drop in the birth rate over this period. Moreover, the decline began quite suddenly in January 2022…”

And the decline continues. A society without children is doomed. A scientific community that is afraid to seek the truth will lose credibility with the public. It's only a matter of time before people realize the extent of this problem. There is a shortage of mothers, so maternity hospitals across the country are changing the rules and abolishing the obligation to register for childbirth. The question is when do we start to abolish maternity hospitals.

Reply  CZkotas
7 days ago

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1 month ago

They drive at many points at once:
☻ migration of buggers to the EU
☻this year they are planning a lack of food - these days everything that bloomed has frozen - there will be no fruit, vegetables, winter plowing, they will try again when the potatoes bloom. The ruined agriculture in the EU is weakened, that it will not produce as much, because, among other things, they report and do so, extreme drought in the EU. This will cause enormous inflation.
☻ they are preparing society for the elimination of old-retirees and the sick -
The topic of legalizing euthanasia, which has been discussed in the Czech Republic for several years, came under fire again when it was recently opened by the senator of the ANO movement MUDr. Vera Procházková. Because they have it calculated (I'll put the link here)

☻ another gradual elimination of the old and sick - there will be heat in the summer that they plan and do, Heat deaths have increased by about 30 % in the last 20 years. An increase in heat-related deaths is estimated to occur in 94 % European regions. But the heat doesn't bother the buggers, right?
☻ they count on unemployment because the economy is falling with a lack of cheap energy. You will receive your notice by e-mail, from day to day, the sick will be online with "doctors" who will instruct them by phone - this is already happening somewhere, therefore the morbidity will worsen - due to the lack of medicines and doctors.
☻ a few years ago they planted ticks infected with Lyme disease. An infected female tick lays 3-3.5 thousand eggs, from which the infected lymphs hatch. Today, every 2-3 ticks are infected, so walking in nature will be a danger. There is no way to defend against this disease, there is no vaccine, but it often makes people disabled if they ignore the symptoms of infection. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease. We never had that.
☻ Last but not least, they will "cut down" the white population with various epidemics, which are artificially created "viruses" genetically targeted at the white population. The offered vaccination with poisons ends.
☻ Well, last but not least, we are sprayed daily with chemical shit, which is brought down by artificial rain/drizzle in short intervals.
☻ The foods sold are genetically modified, they contain many so-called harmful elements, vegetables and fruits already contain only 25% of vitamins and important minerals, compared to 1985. So the human body is malnourished, prone to diseases. Mass slaughter of livestock, poultry, under the false pretext of diseases and their "farts" increasing CO2. Meat will be rationed.
☻ Devastation of reason by various green deal regulations, raising taxes so that people lose their own housing.
☻ Destruction of children in schools from kindergarten through indoctrination, when they erase their brains - preparation for slavery..

1 month ago

+ Off topic but interesting..
15.4. – Onions for 8 crowns. Some farmers in the Moravian-Silesian region started to sell their crops themselves, at very low prices - at the prices offered by commercial chains. On a farm in Bartošovice in Novojičín, a local farmer sells it for 8 crowns. The interest is huge.
And yesterday 18.4.:
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+ In Brazil, a woman took her late uncle to a bank in Rio de Janeiro to try to collect a $3,000 loan. Authorities believe the body of a man brought to a bank in Brazil died about two hours before the incident.