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Interview for the Conscience of the Nation

“Want to sweep the squeamish elephant under the rug? In time, everyone trips over the trunk." - pre-Christmas talk not only about the book Guide to the Rabbit Hole. Like11

Interview for Countercurrent

Pleasant talk about the book Guide to the Rabbit Hole and philosophizing with Petr Hájek. Like21

"It's all the media's fault" - Interview

Covid. The war in Ukraine. Israel, Hamas and the Gaza Strip. Three events that could not and cannot be discussed in public with any deviation from the only accepted opinion, without the bearer of a different view of the matter being ostracized from decent society. Previously, such fierceness and inciting hatred in my opinion...

Interview for VOX.tv

"Due to excessive aid to Ukraine, the Czech people are suffering." The latest interview for VOX.tv - about becoming a writer "on the other side of the barricade", about Ukraine, covid, Healthy Forum and my latest book War with Trees. Like26

"Right to corrected information?" - Conversation

Before I started reading your latest book War with the Trees, you wished me to have fun with it. I'll admit, though, that it gave me chills, and with each subsequent page, I was more and more worried about the fate of the main characters. What are you…

Interview for the Conscience of the Nation

“I stopped watching the mainstream a long time ago. It seems strange to me that I would suddenly start believing someone who has been lying to me for two years. It's like the battered wife at home who keeps apologizing to her husband for not meaning to like her... Psychologists and sociologists will one day reap the harvest of...

When a man is alone, he doubts

Civilizace je těžce nemocná. Uzdravení musí přijít zespodu. Systém se zhroutí, není šance to zastavit. Rozhodne podzim. Vytvářejme komunity, udržujme přátelství. Když se člověk může o někoho opřít, vidí, že není blázen a sám. A proč jsem nešel do politiky… Můj nejnovější rozhovor pro Modrého jelena – milé…

"They flew in and now they are proving us right" - Interview

I remember what a good mood you and other authors were in at the beginning of March at the launch of the book Chronicle of the Covid Era in the Kámen Theater in Karlín. You seemed to capture the absurdities and incredibly restrictive interventions in people's lives during those two years, but it's behind us now and…

Banned interview for Laws of Wealth

This interview was watched live by 21,000 people and disappeared from Facebook within hours. It's hard to say why, because it was really a non-committal lifestyle talk. In any case, it obviously bothered someone... Maybe they didn't like the relatively essential information, only given in the middle of the talk, that it was starting to surface, how were the studies,...

Interview for Incorrect

A video interview about covid, my books and why I think we should be afraid of the fall and this government. Like5