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Before I started reading your latest book War with trees, you wished me to have fun with her. I'll admit, though, that it gave me chills, and with each subsequent page, I was more and more worried about the fate of the main characters. What did you observe by the fact that the initially humorous plot gradually turns into an increasingly serious note?

You are right that the story gradually changes from a humorous description of interpersonal relationships to an absurdly distorted reality. I like it when the reader laughs on the one hand, but after reading the book, he stops, thinks, and something stays with him. I would like to hope that The War with the Trees is a book that could open the eyes and hearts of many people precisely with feeling, because reason and facts have long failed to do so.
And judging by the reactions of people who have read the book so far, I think it has succeeded and the book has really impressed them. And I am very happy about that.

You literally admit that the paraphrase of the title of Karel Čapek's book is not accidental at all. In 1936, the famous writer and playwright warned of the coming fascism in The War with the Newts. What do you want to warn against?

The old fascism and nazism was militant, conquering and aggressive - essentially trying to wipe out a section of the population and expand into a huge empire. But the totality that is approaching today is far more stealthy, more subtle and what is worst – it hides behind virtue, truth and love.
She does not want to exterminate anyone - that is, to "democratically" limit those who disagree with her and to silence them. Under the guise of "goodness" and saving the planet, he wants to destroy the economies of entire countries so that people end up owning nothing but being perfectly happy. He wants to control people through health, war, or environmental threats, but pretend that everything he does is for their good.
Communism never worked anywhere in the world and it always ended in rivers of blood, but today's generation of young and promising people, who don't remember it, just want to try it, if it couldn't just work for the hundred and first time... But evil never came to the world directly - It ALWAYS had a mask of apparent goodness.

Jan Tománek – War with trees

You dedicated the book to those who are not indifferent to what is happening around them. After the experience of what we have been experiencing here since the beginning of March 2020, would you try to estimate how big a part of society the indifferent are?

I think that the group that is trying to fight against the coming totalitarianism, or at least draw attention to it, is definitely not small - according to the demonstrations, it is certainly tens of thousands of people to lower hundreds of thousands. I even think that the group is many times larger than the one that promotes totalitarianism - but the latter is, unfortunately, far more visible, because all the media and the entire establishment are behind it.
In the end, however, the key is always the silent majority - i.e. some 80 percent of people who are silent and don't care about everything, or are just afraid and that's why they are silent.
But I'm not afraid that they too won't wake up from their dream eventually - it's just a matter of not being too late and there being more to save.


Animated image with bounce effect

But aren't the silent people innocent in this, when they usually get only one truth from the public media, of which the covid period was a convincing proof? How can they know that the matter is actually completely different, or that there are at least two different opinions about it? Sometimes I hear "they said it on TV" as an argument for something, meaning in Czech. How can the average viewer be expected to doubt everything they hear on the screen? He receives one-sided information on important topics and immediately knows what to think. How can it be moved?

You know, after two years of living in those media lies, I have no excuse for those people. It is very convenient to say "I didn't know", "we didn't have enough information and data...". But that information is everywhere, the internet is full of it.
For example, it has now been leaked that the entire Lancet study on the so-called "dangerous long covid", which was picked up by over 1,600 periodicals, was probably falsified and is being retracted... I am not surprised at all. Or what is finally starting to seep into the mainstream about vaccines today - that is, that they don't work, are dangerous, and people die from them, something we've been warning against since their inception.
In vain, people didn't want to hear it and still don't want to…
But everyone has to start with themselves, the first step is to WANT and take life into your own hands. Wanting to change because the way we've been living is truly unsustainable. Stop living under the influence of media lies, corporations, medical lobbies that only create new patients, and banks that only put people in debt, and they lose their freedom because of the fear of losing their jobs because of the debt that hangs over them like the sword of Damocles … Quit the global and return to the local.

But it does not record the way of informing, for example, by the Kavčí hor staff with its approach i Prime Minister Petr Fiala? He reminded Miloš Jakeš with his statement: "We must protect at all costs, and this matters to me personally, freedom of speech, expression, all the attributes that belong to a free society, on the other hand, people have the right to the information has been corrected.” Where did such a right to receive only properly filtered information come from? And don't you think that the "right" of people to correct information has long been governed by the public media?

It is, unfortunately, the way it is, the media has been following a kind of code for a long time now, how and what they are "allowed" to report. I wrote about it in 2021 directly with links to the BBC article, where he even publicly brags about this. But the next level is that Fial's government and even the European Union want to directly implement this "officially" into laws.
In the name of good and "truth" they want to censor lies quite seriously - read the inconvenient truth - and I think this sentence alone is terrible and it actually contains everything.
The truth does not need any help, it always emerges in the end and can protect itself.

Founder Society for the Defense of Free Speech On the floor of the Chamber of Deputies, during a public hearing on a petition against restricting freedom of speech on social networks, Daniel Vávra paused at the fact that the Ministry of the Interior is currently preparing a law on disinformation, which tries to circumvent the Constitution by inventing that if you limit or make it difficult for someone to access to the content, it's not censorship. If it is accepted, will it still be about freedom of speech and democracy?

Of course, this is no longer freedom of speech and it is the slow burial of democracy. This right to "freely search for information" is even directly enshrined in the Charter of Basic Rights and Freedoms -
Article 17:
(1) Freedom of expression and the right to information are guaranteed.
(2) Everyone has the right to express their opinions in words, letters, print, images or in any other way, as well as and freely search, receive and distribute ideas and information regardless of national borders.
(3) Censorship is inadmissible.

So, if a similar law were to pass and the Constitutional Court would sanctify something similar, in my opinion we would no longer live in a democratic country. But of course it's not just about laws. In such a hostile environment, which, in my opinion, is being deliberately created by this and previous governments, even self-censorship is perfectly sufficient, when a person is afraid to write or say what he thinks, lest he lose his job, be dragged by the media, or simply ostracized by the bearers of the the only "truth".
I myself feel that when I write today, I value every sentence, and that was completely non-existent five or ten years ago.

I was also interested in the part of Vávr's speech in which he said: "It doesn't matter what some supporters of censorship think about the intelligence of their fellow citizens. Everyone has the same rights. The prime minister, an official of the Ministry of the Interior, a Czech elf, a university professor and Mrs. Vomáčková, who sends chain e-mails to her friends. No one has any special status and right to censor others' information because they are too stupid. Nowhere in any law does it say that smarter people, such as Mr. Kartous, a fighter against disinformation, a trained gymnast, have different, better rights than Mrs. Vomáčková." his own interest" to still censor, limit and filter something?

Everyone has the right to their opinion from the Charter and the Constitution, even if it is complete stupidity, and they have the right to say it publicly.
There is no such thing as a "better" or "worse" truth.
We already had that once here, that the Party and the people determined for us what is and what is not true. But the least understandable thing for me is that this new ideology and "struggle for the only truth" is also supported by a number of people who had rich experience with communist totalitarianism, and yet they are the ones who vehemently promote the "European Center for the Only Truth".

I will return to one of the initial questions. What can those who are indifferent do with the fact that the Prime Minister proclaims the right to correct information and the Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan is preparing a stick for those who would like to think differently from what is true?

In the first place, they should not have voted for this government, about which it was quite obvious where it was going. However, the pace with which he does it, I have to admit, surprised even me. But this is actually secondary - I've already said the main thing. Everyone must start with themselves, they must stop being silent, if injustice is happening, they must not be afraid to speak up and most importantly, they just need to know how to say NO.
For the past two years, thousands of people senselessly checked the health status of other people, hundreds of people created laws and tools for this government, hundreds of people and entire advertising agencies advertised for the government on the pointless Dot, dozens of actors were involved in it. And all you have to do is say an easy NO - I won't be involved! And if enough people do this, all the problems are over.

(Interview for PL – Jiří Hroník)

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1 year ago

Everything that is happening now is deliberately so controlled. Or is there anyone else who believes that ducks, turkeys are being culled in large numbers because of some kind of bird flu? There will be a shortage of this meat. Counting the chickens in our backyard is of course also part of it. It is possible to calculate how long your hens in the backyard will be enough to support you, there will be a ban on this breeding as well. It's the same as the bans on growing a couple of kohlrabi and potatoes on a pole. When we said two years ago, they would ban cars. so the answers were - how could they possibly do it? Does anyone still have doubts that it can't be done?

1 year ago

Off topic, sorry.. I couldn't :/ Just copy the links below and open them in your browser.

Children raised in machines, video 2 min: hrdinovesteckou.cz/files/1_3382.mp4

EctoLife has introduced the world's first artificial womb. One such installation will be able to deliver up to 30,000 babies a year, and future parents will be able to monitor the process using a mobile app. This will be controlled. Gradually, governments will limit us, children will be more of a burden. One does not form any relationship with these creatures. The end of the family, exactly what they are after. Break everything down into individuals because there is strength in unity.
It reminds me a lot of the book: the end of civilization, where children were raised only for work and everyone had a certain level of intelligence, strength, according to their job classification. The schools that programmed these creatures from a young age also played a big role.

+Add – UNICEF uses children to brainwash, video 2 min: hrdinovesteckou.cz/files/1_3390.mp4

Watch that video above from UNICEF using children to brainwash the masses into believing that the pandemic will not end until everyone in the world is permanently "vaccinated". covid vaccines (stars.library.ucf.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1029&context=jicrcr) is their joint exercise that parallels the timeline we are in right now.
And remember, this will end when we stop accepting their endless vaccines and other flu nonsense.

And the Politicians have already been paid, they themselves will be out of it and come out as winners. They sold us a long time ago.

1 year ago

Hold on to your hats, new day, new craziness.. AND GRADUALLY FROM THE KOVID FRAUD, KEEP ON..
In hypervaccinated Australia, vaccinated people die "incredibly fast" see:

!Australia has announced an alarming and "unbelievably high" 13% excess death rate in 2022. The Australian government is now considering launching an urgent investigation into this spike in deaths among vaccinated people! And the 2017 flu season was really bad, and the death rate there was one percent higher than normal. So it's way outside the range of normal.!

And central banks are racing to implement new digital currencies as cities activate "smart" infrastructure see: leohohmann.com/2022/12/08/global-central-banks-racing-to-implement-digital-currencies-as-cities- convert-to-smart-infrastructure-track-and-control-grid-being-erected-right-under-our-noses/

And Blackstone cuts withdrawals amid Wall Street panic and escalating bank withdrawals see: cnbc.com/2022/12/08/blackstone-chief-defends-real-estate-fund-amid-rush-for-withdrawals.html

The $69 billion Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust (BREIT) has imposed withdrawal limits.

From January, Nigeria's globalist-controlled central bank will limit cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs to just $45 a day as the African country moves towards a cashless economy.

+ Many other central banks have announced similar plans in recent months. China, India, !RUSSIA!, Brazil, Sweden, United States - among others - have signaled a similar shift away from paper money and coins to soon be replaced worldwide by a global digital money system!!
leohohmann.com/2022/12/08/global-central-banks-racing-to-implement-digital-currencies-as-cities-convert-to-smart-infrastructure-track-and-control-grid-being-erected- right-under-our-noses/

Restrictions on cash withdrawals in Lebanon lead to armed bank raids to free their OWN money: vice.com/en/article/88q3ma/lebanon-bank-raid

!!Unrest is spreading across Lebanon as angry citizens unable to withdraw their own money from banks attack local branches with pistols and Molotov cocktails!!

=== We are witnessing a controlled collapse of food and the world economy. CZkotas ===

1 year ago

Off topic - taken from Aleš Svoboda:

=The MoI commissioned a study on the radicalization of the Czech population. In short, about as follows: Up to 10% of dissatisfied citizens, it is unofficially called the "vocal minority". The problem arises when more than those 10%s become radicalized. According to the study, the Czech Republic has exceeded this limit, it is around 15%, which is already, I quote: "extremely dangerous for the existing system". This is called the "snowball effect".
Read carefully, recommended precautions:
Support for measures that limit the spread of disinformation at the level of detecting its sources and effectively limiting its reach. (To the maximum extent possible, block entities with high reach under any pretext).
Support of strategic communication at the level of maximum strengthening of the central stratcom unit at the government office, real interdepartmental coordination.
Cooperation on the former with analytically and technologically disposed partners who can increase the effectiveness of digital communication towards parts of society threatened by radicalization. (Discredit subjects, integrate provocateurs into the "patriotic scene", in extreme cases punish subjects in an exemplary manner.
Strengthen the security forces (PČR, AČR), motivate them by increasing wages and ensure maximum control of persons in the forces who are "dangerous, sympathizing with radicals.
The report further deals with the protest of 9/3/22. Quote: "The number of people is not important, the extreme problem is the "cooperation" of parties, movements, personalities that have not yet cooperated.
Recommendation: Divide the participants, focus mainly on TRIKOLOR, KSČM, SPD and others. Similarly, focus on people associated with the anti-vaxxer campaign during covid, etc.
Summary: Given the further (New Year's) increase in food, PHM, energy and related products, social storms can be expected.
Recommendation: Issue a statement on the state and (in)sufficiency of energy, introduce restrictions on the use of passenger cars, introduce restrictions on the consumption of electricity and gas, as a last resort, declare a state of emergency and prevent these public protests. See the recommendations issued by the government during the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
I recommend passing this on as much as possible. FB, Instagram, Twitter. The government is afraid and instead of solving the price problem, they are solving how to prevent the nation from rising. By the way, the Ukrainians practicing here are no accident. Take it on yourself.=

Reply  Jan Tománek
1 year ago

I'm sorry because, I got this without guarantees (via VK.com), take it with a RESERVE, it applies to everyone discussing here. Now it seems like a duck to me that people will copy this and then the Cemperators and Elves will have their way..

But what I'm sure of, I'll add to this "off-topic" discussion..:
A) Elections are already designed to keep tyrannical rulers in place (see presidential farce)
B) Mass media and social media ban, censor and delete anything that contradicts the government narrative (see your FB post)
C) Population reduction mechanisms are mainstream, including lethal drugs and toxic vaccines
D) “Disinformation” is determined by the corrupt government and insidious big pharma who create it in the first place..

E) Once the fully vaccinated population started dying suddenly, when this is referred to as: "unexpected causes/sudden death", experts even blamed eg: referee whistles, cold showers, video games and small particles in the air on industrial pollution..
F) After millions of people vaccinated against co*covid started getting clots, experts said that co*covid causes blood clots
G) After the "fully vaccinated" herd kept catching and catching co*covid, they claimed new variants were the cause and that everyone now needed "booster" vaccinations

And in the midst of all this, within 48 hours, a second journalist died suddenly in Qatar.
"He died suddenly while filming a report on the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar"

And global governments will accelerate tyranny and infrastructure destruction while the people of the world continue to get red. Once they wake up to the truth about the global depopulation and genocide of humanity, they will speak out more aggressively against tyranny. With this, alternative systems of money, communication, medicine and technology will flourish.

Predictions for 2023:
1) Vaccination death rate accelerates as immune system destruction continues due to “booster” injections
2) The explosion of infertility and stillbirths - This is of course due to the fact that the bodies of pregnant mothers create high-end protein bioweapons after vaccination. Countries with high vaccination rates, such as Taiwan, are already experiencing shocking declines in live births. DEPOPULATION IS HERE
3) Deindustrialization of Europe - BASF has now announced that it is closing its operations across Europe, "as quickly as possible and also permanently", according to the Financial Times via AmericanExperiment.org.
And there will be a sharp decline in GDP, population, exports, industrial production and other indicators.
4) Crop failures / worsening food shortages - global fertilizer production is estimated to be 40-50 % lower!
5) Inflation and bailouts. Despite the deflationary effects of depopulation and the artificial destruction of demand, inflation will worsen substantially in 2023, and I predict that some foods will double in price next year.
!! Watch as governments look for new excuses to pump money into a failing system!!
6) Bank restrictions on cash withdrawals – this is already happening in various parts of the world, eg in Nigeria, where bank clients are limited to withdrawing just $45 a day from their own money.
7) Digital Money – As Breitbart.com is now reporting, the British government is already pushing hard to implement a CBDC “digital pound” that would of course track every transaction of private individuals while allowing the government to restrict purchases or freeze wallets on command!
!!The pressure on digital currencies will be aggressive!!
8) A new p(L)endemic, worse than co*covid, with forced quarantines and vaccines according to the new WHO contract! This next pandemic is already being planned for 2023, according to NewsPunch.com
And it is clear that the globalists need another, more aggressive pandemic - combined with a new WHO pandemic treaty!!
9) Global CLIMATE Shutdowns and Artificial Fuel Scarcity - Global controllers are on the verge of declaring "climate shutdowns" in 2023 (and beyond) as the latest pretexts to devastate economic productivity and agriculture. Watch for more government dismantling of fossil fuel infrastructure, fuel shortages and forced car restrictions in European cities and states. For example, the World Economic Forum has just openly called for an end to private vehicle ownership across the planet. The effort to fully implement the climate shutdowns will take a decade or more, but will begin in 2023 with pilot programs to test public compliance.
10) Populist revolts against corrupt governments and rigged elections - we are already witnessing a revolt in Brazil where the corrupt Lula regime and communist traitors are being accused in the Brazilian Supreme Court of rigging the election and concealing evidence of it. A similarly strong backlash against election meddling is underway in Arizona
11) Massive backlash against censorship by tech platforms plus the growing success of alternative platforms – Related to the release of the incriminating Twitter dossier

12) The explosion of home gardening and off-grid food production, local grocery bartering – As food prices continue to rise and food shortages worsen everywhere, home food production makes a lot of economic sense as grocery store food prices continue to rise. they rise Once food rations begin, millions will rely on home gardening to stave off hunger. 2023 will be the year home gardening takes off

=And I am not writing here about the escalation of the war with Russia, when things will not go well for Europe and it seems that the USA is willing to sacrifice not only Ukraine, but also all of Western Europe in an effort to defeat Russia. This plan isn't working very well, as evidenced by the recent "oil price cap" fiasco, which is already proving to be a poorly thought-out plan that will only reduce oil supplies to Western countries.=

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Thank you very much for your comments, when you add a lot of new information, good work, I will learn more things, I will sell further, it's a pity that you don't have real information about the first contribution with that study

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

All this presupposes that we will be unthinking masses of people who will happily throw themselves into misery and war. However, there is a catch. Ideology will not satisfy our basic needs, it will not feed us or keep us warm or ensure that we do not lose a roof over our heads (even the presidents admit that the number of homeless people is increasing). People will riot. They will have nothing left to lose and the government will give them nothing. Apart from worthless ideology. Even in China, people began to riot. It's a pleasant surprise, I already thought they weren't capable of that. So far we have the Christmas lights and the Christmas atmosphere, but that will soon pass and we will settle into the hard, gray reality. I know that a revolution is not made from below. The politics of the ideology of our government is beginning to be felt by the middle and upper classes, that is, everyone except the government and its people. And that's something else. These layers are capable of instigating and organizing a revolution. The potential is there.

Even the representative of the German investment colossus told the truth. Not long ago, this was unthinkable. That means something. Such a person has a lot of influence, it's not like when on Facebook people communicate and forward their concerns and experiences, how they are being rubbed off. Change is coming soon. The good news is that Russia is winning on the Ukrainian front, while Ukraine is suffering a crushing defeat. The presstitutes are busy covering up this truth with propaganda and nonsense about how the Ukrainian army is winning and exaggerating Russia's minor failures. I wonder what they will do when Russia wins the war in Ukraine. He will win it soon. He has recently been joined by a powerful ally. Winter.

I'm not a naïve woman who thinks that Russia will save us. A Russian victory will significantly help the fall of the EU, Washington and its puppets, that is, our and Slovakian governments and other governments of their satellites. The war in Ukraine is actually a war between Russia and the USA. Ukraine is just a scapegoat..

Reply  Lynn
1 year ago

PRETTY!! Conceptually, it all fits together..
And soon there will be a SHORTAGE OF MEAT and, above all, there will soon be NO EGGS (see abroad - somewhere it is starting to be rationed and there are no eggs), when "only" high prices with hyperinflation, all that is happening and going on, will not just end. 2023 will only get worse in everything.
And because the artificially created "epidemic" of bird flu = and the ban on keeping poultry outdoors, etc.

=But, those who have information thanks to alternatives, but above all THANKS TO DISCUSSIONS, are prepared, familiar, simply know what is happening and certainly have, in addition to financial cash, some supplies of food, etc. =

And after all, the circus acts on all the MSM shits (CT/The List, etc.) help the conspirators hide the terrible things that are happening - for example, giving toxic, deadly co*covid injections to children, the starvation and freezing of thousands of elderly people in the west, and the starvation of hundreds millions of babies and children in Africa and Asia.. Thanks in part to the circus acts of all the “pro-government narratives promoting articles and TV programs” millions of children will be injured or killed by a vaccine that is not a vaccine, does not do what it is supposed to do, and is not safe..
And the deliberate cold-blooded increase in energy prices will cause mass famine in Africa and the East.

And there's a certain irony to it all, isn't there?

And just !ALL! The MSM poop (media) creates a smoke screen for the globalists and conspirators behind which the genocide continues unnoticed. AND IT DOESN'T MATTER if you support Slavia or Sparta in the RF:UKR conflict...