War with trees - book launch

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Last Friday, September 30, we had a ceremonial christening of my new book The War of Trees at the Kámen Theatre. I am very happy that Professor Jiří Beran took on the role of godfather, who, in addition to being a doctor and one of the first fighters against senseless covid measures, is also an avid reader.
I thank the photographer for the beautiful photos To Peter Pechman and for music to a friend and a great musician Honz Vytásk.

The War with the Trees is a parodic parable about what we have been going through for the past two years. I started writing the book in early 2021 and finished the first draft last summer. The text matured for a while, and at the beginning of 2022 I returned to it, and because the reality again took on a far more absurd form than I even exaggeratedly imagined, I had to write a few more chapters...

After four years, I left Albatros and published the book myself in my own publishing house, and I was able to win with both the graphic form and the cover, and I got 100% freedom.

The book can be bought in all bookstores or directly at our e-shop and with my signature.
I would like to hope that The War with the Trees is a book that could open the eyes and hearts of many people with feelings, because reason and facts have long since failed to do this.

A bitterly funny book from which you it will be freezing

The aging Novak couple enjoy their peaceful small-town life until fate decides to turn it upside down for them - just like eight billion other people - because the trees start to fall.
A banal and essentially funny event, which, however, manages to spin a whirlwind of completely absurd events that the family has to face. 
And safety helmets are just the beginning…
A bitterly parodic parable about the contemporary world, which is getting more and more out of joint.

Sample from the book

Book review


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1 year ago

Thank you for the information, I respect you as a writer, not only as a freedom fighter..