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A Guide to the Rabbit Hole - New Book

On September 28, my new book A Guide to the Rabbit Hole will be published, which will answer a lot of questions about the world that you might not even want to know. It only depends on you, if you have the courage to ask if the world is really the way it tries to convince us. Anyway, I think it will be fun... In our e-shop in...

Interview for the Hollywood Reporter - Goat story

An interview about the Goat story and how Máca became an American icon. Original interview Translation - Google Translate Like0

The finale of the Butterfly Scream game

On Friday, April 21, the finale of the play Motylí ú-křík based on my book Butterfly Scream was held in the Kámen Theater with a subsequent discussion together with the director Petr Odo Macháček. Calendar of other talks and meetings. Like1

War with trees - book launch

Last Friday, September 30, we had a ceremonial christening of my new book The War of Trees at the Kámen Theatre. I am very happy that Professor Jiří Beran took on the role of godfather, who, in addition to being a doctor and one of the first fighters against senseless covid measures, is also an avid reader. I thank the photographer for the beautiful photos...