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Christmas video 2022 on Facebook - numbers of positive and negative reactions of Petr Fiala and Andrej Babiše.

I thought (quite naively) that everyone who lives in this country remembers how Babiš's government behaved and what craziness, restrictions on freedoms and trades it showed during covid.
That is why many saw hope (a very false one) in the government of Petr Fiala and completely jumped on their heels. 

So be it… 

Today, after a year, it finally seems that, except for a few die-hard fanatics, marketers and paid media, almost everyone sees that the government of Petr Fiala is dragging us into a swamp so dark that this country has probably never seen it before, and his popularity is really at a point frost.
I don't remember so many political jokes and such deep contempt for the government even from my childhood under socialism. 

On Peter Fiala's Facebook profile, they absolutely prevail NEGATIVE reaction - almost all posts in proportion three to one.

But visiting Andrej Babiše's profile was even crazier for me - here, on the other hand, are roughly the reactions ten to one - but in proportion to those POSITIVE – everything seems to be forgotten and people love him again…

It is really futile, futile and futile again!
I'm sorry, but the people of this country really deserve nothing but a hard fall, and it doesn't really matter which of Aspen's presidential puppets ends up waving it from the castle.

I would be hard pressed to find a better description of a Czech voter... 👋😎


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1 year ago

Everything is just to distract attention (including Hunter Biden's laptop, artificial conflict, green deal...).

Digitization is coming (mainly currency), like an invisible enemy of humanity, no one is protesting, everything is going on, no hope.

2023 will only make things worse. Sudden (intentional) deaths will increase, all around you, everyone will drop "like flies", they will mask everything with "eco green fraud" and not a word will be "officially" said about the saving (ALL!) vaccines.

And the people, who are just waiting in line for the drug, will screw up everything that the TV and the media show them.

And everyone forgot what Babiš's regime did to them and how they forced to suffocate and mutilate the health of (not only) children with fake masks against 99.7% chances of survival with fake "covid disease" - whatever it is (the only real thing about the whole thing is Sprotein- the latter is very real, however it was/is released).


Everything is conducted against all people. There is no “side or opinion”…

And it doesn't matter whether you support Slavia or Sparta in a theatrical war conflict on the sidelines.

And it's all part of the third year of depopulation. Just as hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been "deactivated" using the "tools" in the salutary false toxic "vaccines".. simply and clearly: those who refuse do not submit, end up the same.

Welcome to the new year, when the boundaries begin to shift, when the LIVING BEGIN TO ENVY THE DEAD.

I just in the back of my mind still hope that 2023 will be better than what they have planned for us..

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

According to the WHO, countries met for three days towards the end of the year to agree on the next steps towards the historic legal instrument, rooted in the WHO constitution, to protect the world from future pandemics.

The proposal on "zero tolerance" of the pandemic should be ready for negotiation between member states from February 2023.

China has applied "zero tolerance for Covid" to its people. However, this brought a lot of riots and demonstrations.
This policy has proven to be ineffective in terms of health protection.

"All rights and all freedom go out as a result. And what you've seen in China in the last few weeks, those fights with those chicks in white spacesuits, that's WHO. So the next pandemic, or plandemic, or nonsense will be controlled by this organization, which the police, the military, or anyone else, will have absolutely no authority over this organization here.”
And following the example of China, people around the world will be locked up in "Covid camps".

= An ID will be introduced as part of this. The CSQR social credit system and CBDC digital currency of central banks will be connected to the digital ID. =

1 year ago

Facebook is a tool against people and like on mainstream idnes, the list, it's the same bot and the comments are managed and written by AI
All data is collected and stored for future time and scores to be used against individuals
All the comments, the writing style will stay forever with everyone, forever, everything is already connected with a person, and it is stored purposefully.