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Example of generated AI image - as per assignment: A frightened young woman in a white blouse, sitting at a table, with gloves on her hands and a yellow construction helmet on her head.

Sample from my latest book War with Trees

Chapter 5

"And where is Janina anyway?" Ondřej sat down at the table.
“But you know her—she wrote that she couldn't keep up. That she's not well, let's just start without her, that she'll be here in a quarter of an hour..." Mrs. Nováková was pouring soup into deep plates.
"Show me, I'll help you," Linda got up and started carrying the soups to the table.
"We know Jana's 15 minutes - I think we have her here like a horse in the evening," laughed Ondřej.
"Ondra, don't be like that!"
"Grandma, I don't want carrots!" little Honzík pushed the plate away.
"I don't know either!" snapped Zuzanka, imitating her older brother.
"Carrots are healthy, they won't upset your stomach."

“…the security measures taken have proven to be insufficient and it seems that Europe is also reporting the first case.
We knew this could happen, and although we have taken every conceivable precaution to prevent it from happening, unfortunately we are now faced with this new situation. I cannot yet confirm if this case is directly related to the events we are witnessing in Asia, but I can reassure the public that our leading experts are already working hard on the problem…”


Animated image with bounce effect

"Jarine, can't you at least turn the box off for lunch?!"
"Well, what do you say, Ondřej?" Mr. Novák got up from the table and slowly wandered into the living room to turn off the TV.
"To what?"
"You're not watching?"
"You know we don't have a TV, and the internet is so bad here that I can barely download my mail."
"But a tree fell on a few people in China and now it seems to have killed someone here in Europe too..."
"Ah... well, a tree fell on a guy in our forest, but he was drunk like a plum at the time," Ondřej laughed.
"Ondřej, children..." Linda looked at him sternly.
"Sorry..." Ondřej patted his wife's hand apologetically.
"Grandpa, what's that pour?"
"And everyone there wears helmets even in the cities," Mr. Novák insisted.
"It's kind of crazy, isn't it? Why would they wear helmets in cities?'
"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes here in our country, I would never believe it either. Mum thinks it's just some new fad.'
"Mum, the soup is delicious and you children eat or there will be no polar cake."
"I'm glad you like it, and at least have a little, or there really won't be any ice cream," the grandmother winked at the children, "and you, Jarin, why are you getting up from the table again? Do you want another beer?'
"Oh, still beer. I do not want! I hear a car, I think Jana is here.'
"So I can't hear anything."
Mr. Novák walked into the hall and opened the door.
"Well, that's what I'm saying," he called to the table, put on his slippers and went to open the gate so that Jana could park better.
"Well, I guess I'm seriously deaf."
"Don't worry about it, mom, I didn't hear anything either," Ondřej grabbed her hand.
"Dad always had ears like a lynx," she smiled at her son.

The front door flew open.
"So here it is! Now all the agencies have confirmed it! In Italy they have the first dead! I knew it!” burst into the hall a young woman glued to her phone screen.
All eyes from the table turned to her, watching her in silence.
"Hello, sister..." Ondřej was the only one not paying attention to her and calmly continued eating.
The complete silence of the others was a little noticeable to him, so he also looked up and looked towards the door.
"Jani...?" Mrs. Nováková got up at the first words.
Mr. Novák, who appeared behind her in the meantime, just shrugged his shoulders and gallantly helped his daughter out of her coat.
"But that's where all the fun stops. Italy! This is not some China, it is right here with us. After all, this is the Union - no one can stop this..." she was talking more to herself and still looking at the phone. She quickly walked into the kitchen, greeted everyone with a non-participating kiss and sat down on an empty seat at the table.

"So what do we have to eat?"
"If you were wearing a swimsuit, you could take pictures of some sexy calendar with this," laughed Ondřej heartily.
"Are you okay, Jani?" Mrs. Nováková looked carefully at her daughter, who was looking around confused as to what was happening.
"Well, of course, it's already starting to kick," it occurred to Jane, she grinned affectionately and stroked her growing belly.
"Mommy thinks more like this..." Mr. Novák tapped his thinning forehead. "Don't you want to take it off?"
“Dad?! I'm pregnant!” Jana touched the bright yellow helmet on her head.
The phone on the table beeped, Jana immediately nervously jumped on it and read the message. "So does Austria. Well that's the end! That I didn't even wear gloves... Mom, you could have some, right? Will you lend it to me?'
"What, gloves?"
"Well of course - that is, if you don't need them yourself..." she sat nervously.
"You know I'm going to look at you... And you're going to bet something, Jani?"
"Bet? Why bet?" the daughter honestly wondered.
"...and how many dumplings would you like to have, Jani, before it gets cold?" tried Mrs. Nováková cautiously.
“Mommy! How can you talk about food now! After all, it's in Austria! In Austria! It's a neighboring state! It's only a few hundred kilometers from us. Don't you miss it?!'
They all looked at each other in silence.

"Mommy, and why does auntie have that hat on her head?" squealed little Zuzanka.
"Sister, good! That's some joke from work, isn't it?” Ondřej laughed again with his mouth full, put another bite of dill in his mouth and looked at everyone around the table.
"Why are you looking at me like that? Don't you know what's coming at us?'
"At least one, Janička, and a piece of meat, you have to go, for the sake of the little one," Mrs. Nováková placed a plate with sauce in front of her daughter.
“Mommy! Don't you prefer the gloves?!” her daughter snapped at her.
"You want them now?"
"Of course! I'm telling you! It's in Austria, after all!'
Mrs. Nováková looked worriedly at the man, who just silently nodded his head. So Marie sighed and headed for the door.

"Jani, mom is only worried about you..." Mr. Novák tried to grab his daughter's hand.
"Have you all gone completely crazy here?!" Jana looked indignantly at the others. "You're seriously out of it, what's going on?!"
"And what's going on, sister?"
"What's going on?" Jana laughed again, affected. "Nothing much happens, except that trees kill people, that's what happens!"
"You mean how a tree fell on a few people in China and now perhaps someone in Italy?"
“Twenty-eight dead! And now with Austria even twenty nine. Doesn't that sound like enough?!'
“There's going to be eight billion people on Earth in no time, Jani… so obviously a tree could fall on a few of them. It's even statistically quite likely. Just as many people drown in the bathtub every day in the world, or maybe fall down the stairs..." Mr. Novák tried to sound soothing.
"How can you make light of it like that?!" the daughter looked at him and withdrew the hand he was trying to caress.

"I only found these dirty ones. We went shopping, but they didn't have gloves," Mrs. Nováková returned to the table.
“See, people know what's going to happen. That's okay, please give me these at least.'
“Okay, sister, just so I can understand. Are you afraid of a tree falling on you? Why the helmet?”
"For God's sake, don't you? After all, I'm expecting the little one!'
"Even here inside...?" continued Mr. Novák in a calm voice, looking around at the sturdy reinforced concrete ceiling.
"Dad?!" Jana turned to him indignantly. "Since when do you understand trees?"
"Well, I planted a few in the garden..."
“Maybe he planted, but you're an engineer, Dad. You are not at all competent to comment on trees or question what the experts say!'
"But dad doesn't need to be an expert on that to know that it's stupid to have a tree fall on someone inside the house."
"So you're saying that all the media is lying?! And everywhere in the world? Why would she do that?'
"I don't know if they're lying, but it's just stupid to have a tree fall on someone inside."
"Think what you want bro," Jana sneered as she put on her muddy gloves and crossed her arms defiantly over her chest.

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Corona coup
1 year ago

1TP2's Ministry of the Interior launched a new poster campaign: our entire city is plastered with leaflets with campaign slogans, celebrating the successes of the government's policy of economic impoverishment and cutting off available and cheap energy sources from Russia, which is apparently supposed to represent the triumph of the regime in the fight against treacherous disseminators of "disinformation".

On the flyer, which I managed to take a picture of near the public transport stop, it says in large print "WE GET RID OF DEPENDENCE ON RUSSIAN GAS". The poster frames the campaign slogan "Don't be afraid and don't attack" and invites you to visit the government website with a style that simply cannot be resisted: "Do you want verified and real information? look at http://www.nenaletet.cz. At the bottom of the poster, in small letters, it says "PREPARED BY THE MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR".

Shockingly, on the site itself we can find nothing more than 3 (words: three) posts with 17-second videos without sound. More in the comments on mine blog

Don't be afraid and don't fly.jpg
Reply  Corona coup
1 year ago

I looked at that cesspool pro-government website and only the video at the beginning is nonsense.. WHO IS RIDING THE VZV WITH A MASK/RESPIRATOR TODAY AND WHERE??!!
I was there for about ten seconds and that was enough for me.. A lying website, false information, including the housing allowance, etc., just make people fools... Just destroying the economy and deepening inflation, I prefer not to even comment on the lies about gas. .

Last edited 1 year ago by CZkotas
Reply  Corona coup
1 year ago

Of course, I'm not in a position to judge whether it's disinformation, but just the fact that they're presenting it this way seems suspicious. Moreover, in my opinion, it is a waste of public funds. Similar to, for example, advertisements for health insurance companies. But what surprises me is that no one, neither the opposition nor journalists (maybe I just didn't register) is talking about dependence on nuclear fuel. Maybe I'm wrong, but we can't replace it from another source yet.

1 year ago

+On the basis of the emergency bail-in and bail-out of 19.3. In Switzerland we now know that the entire western financial system is a big fraud. Whenever they change the rules and steal your money, just like they did to Russia in 2022 when they seized over $300 billion of Russian deposits held in Western central banks. The day before yesterday, in a panicked, illegal bailout, Credit Suisse liquidated $17 billion in AT1 (tier-1) bonds, leaving bondholders out in the cold.

As CNBC reports, "Credit Suisse's $17 billion wipeout of bondholders' assets has not been well received in Europe."

A portion of Credit Suisse's bondholders will be wiped out after UBS's takeover of the troubled bank, rendering their 16 billion Swiss francs ($17 billion) worth of investments worthless. Swiss regulator FINMA announced on Sunday that so-called Tier 1 bonds, which are generally considered relatively risky investments, will be written down to zero as part of the transaction.

Credit Suisse's actual shareholders, meanwhile, were able to keep most of their assets intact, because they received UBS shares in exchange. And the entire transaction was done illegally, in violation of Swiss law, because the required vote of Credit Suisse shareholders was skipped.

!! The message to the financial world is crystal clear: Your money is not safe in any Western bank, not in Europe, not in America, not in Canada, not anywhere else. They are not safe even in "systemically important" banks, because governments will simply change the rules without notice, completely outside the law, and steal your bonds, deposits and stocks to keep their own authoritarian regimes in power while eviscerated investors.

It is the total liquidation of the Western financial system. In order to introduce a digital currency, they must first destroy all commercial banks. Then governments around the world plan to come to the rescue with their digital money systems, which represent the final nail in the coffin of human freedom. !!

What will happen next, they will claim: "This is not communism?". Because that's the plan.

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

So what is happening is exactly what we "uneducated bastards" predicted a year ago, when the Western financial system began to steal the money of Russian citizens by the billions. It was immediately clear to people with brains what this would lead to in the future.
It reminds me a bit of a scene from Village in the Center.

"You're not doing well, Jaromír, to push the burnt match back into the box."
"One day you will know..."


and continue with the function https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N41dbOgfKw

– Jaromír was lucky, it did not affect the function. The Western financial system will be exactly the opposite.
This is just the beginning

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

..then you don't breathe this... especially the date that is repeated there...
To work on Sunday, Thursday off. Lack of electricity can rewrite the week
"The problem is starting to multiply already around 2030, when in Europe, as well as in our country, classic sources will start to run out. There will be a lack of power throughout Europe, and not only will we import electricity, but it will be difficult to import it at all," warns ČEPS head Martin Durčák.

Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

+ Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is the final phase & will end human freedom (Part 1/2):https://otevrisvoumysl.cz/digitalni-mena-centralni-banky-konecna-faze-1-2/

“The more personally identifiable information you share with the BoE and its government partners, the sweeter your permitted use of CBDC will be. It all depends on your willingness to comply. Failure to comply will result in you being unable to function as a citizen and effectively excluding you from mainstream society.”

1 year ago

I'm already looking forward to reading the book 🙂

+Kissinger quote from speech to WHO Council on Eugenics, 25 February 2009:
Once the herd accepts the mandatory vaccination, the hunt is over. They will accept anything - forced blood or organ donation - "for the greater good". We can genetically modify and sterilize children. For the greater good. Control the sheep minds and you control the hard. Vaccine manufacturers make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It's a big win. We manage the herd and the herd pays us for culling services.
comment image

+ MY ADDENDUM, who really is, H. Kissinger:

Henry Kissinger, real name Abraham ben Elazar, was born on May 27, 1923 in the German city of Fürth (Bavaria). He is a Jewish politician who is considered by many to be one of the architects of the New World Order. He is also considered one of the greatest architects of the international Jewish lobby and US foreign policy in the second half of the 20th century.comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by CZkotas
Reply  CZkotas
1 year ago

Israel declared war on us already on November 17, 1989, or rather in 1948. Israel is a Turco-Tatar nation, the Khazars, whose original homeland is Mongolia. They are slavers. They torture, rob and murder Czechs like "Ten Little Blacks". Out of 10 million Czechs, only 8 million remain. Khazars have been secretly moving from Israel to the Czech Republic for about 20 years, and half a million came from Ukraine last year. After November 17, 1989, they stole thousands of state enterprises from the Czechs and razed most of them to the ground, they occupy the parliament, town halls, offices, schools, television, press, cultural institutions, the most dangerous thing is that they sit on water plants, food enterprises and nuclear power plants.
Under socialism, they at least feared Stalin and Brezhnev and rank-and-file communists, but when Andropov and Gorbachev came to power, in 1989 they scrapped everything.

Director of the National Museum – Chazar Michal Lukeš
Director of the National Gallery – Chazarka from Poland, Alicja Knast, does not speak Czech
Director of the National Theater – Chazar Jan Burian
Director of ND Jan Burian: "Mom was born in Milan. She had Russian Jewish ancestry. About half of the family remained in Russia after 1917, but some spread throughout Europe, many are in Israel today. And if you are asking about my birth (in Moscow in 1959), it happened for health reasons. Since there was no care in Znojmo that the mother needed, she used her parents' contacts in Moscow. But I lived and have lived all my life in Bohemia, more precisely in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. I am Czech." source
Director of ZOO Prague – Chazar Miroslav Bobek
The chief conductor of the Czech Philharmonic – Khazar Semjon Byčkov does not speak Czech, he has a Ukrainian and an American passport
In the years 650 – 968, the Khazars occupied the territory of Ukraine and southern Russia between the Crimea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In 968, the Khazar Empire was dispersed by Prince of Kievan Rus Svyatoslav Rurik, father of the more famous Prince Vladimir.

Not so long ago, one of them shouted: "this land is ours"

Reply  Anonym
1 year ago

Slavic Jerusalem - How the Czechs founded Israel, the book is presented as follows
As the Czech Republic is gradually becoming Israel's main ally in the European Union, this book provides a timely analysis of this ancient alliance and is an indispensable source of information for students and scholars interested in history and Jewish studies.
sample below on the page:

and in the same year the film:

Reply  Anonym
1 year ago

Speaking of the "Jews" .. Members of the Knesset (ISRAEL) have introduced a law that bans the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel and that violators will face prison if it passes:

Interestingly, in years past such a bill would easily have been rejected - and it was, given that Gafni himself, who is almost 70 years old, has introduced a version of this bill every year without success since 1988, when he was first elected to the Knesset… Since the Israeli legislature is now dominated by Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews, it is since 1948, when Israel became a state again, the better chance that such a law will actually pass.