…and then there is another dimension to all of this

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And that one is perhaps the most important of all!

Isn't it strange that the struggle between good and evil has accompanied humanity since the beginning of its existence? That all stories, songs and fairy tales in all cultures have the same foundations and archetypal heroes?
Why are people still fascinated by Hamlet and Faust?
Why do the greatest artists and scientists always come to God and in other words tell the same story over and over again?

Evil really walks among us and really has no horns, and on the contrary, the squad pretends to be the closest ones and as JP Sears says in the video, it will never tell you that it is evil, on the contrary, it pretends to be virtue and help...

Even though the society we live in tries in every possible way to suppress these primal human instincts in a person, I have convinced myself many times in life and in business that the most important thing is to trust your own intuition and heart.
You know that - someone was not nice to you? Was there "something" weird about it and did you have a warning light in your head that it wasn't the real thing, even though there was no data to support it and everything seemed white and beautiful?

No - you were just trying to fool yourself and your intuition - ALWAYS follow the intuition that your heart tells you!

Lately I feel like (to speak the legends of this era) in Star Wars - where a small handful of naive rebels stand against the all-powerful galactic Empire, which has unlimited possibilities.

It is also a confirmation that we are following the right path - because if we were supported by the biggest financiers, the state, and had unlimited power behind us, we would hardly be going the right way. And the right path is usually the thorny one and not the smooth one, because on the contrary, the smooth one is often prepared by the devil.

Unfortunately, this also includes the fact that we are now ruled by the most incompetent and most corrupt of us, and in companies and even schools are ruled by those who did not refuse to bow down and instead joined the side of evil and serve it.

Once again, the intelligence and the best are in the boiler rooms, and the quick-witted lot is rushing to their places.

But like every storm, the sun will eventually come out, good ALWAYS triumphs over evil. Sometimes it may take a long time, but God is on the side of good and freedom, and evil is unfreedom and slavery, as JP Sears sums it up brilliantly in this video.

And I am very grateful to all those who contribute their little pinch for the light to win again.

And if you haven't seen and don't know how to fight evil, watch again certainly to the film about Mass Psychosis (Hypnosis).

Do you believe in God?

Belief in God is meant for this poll in a more general way, not only in a Christian sense - also metaphysically, a belief in something higher, in a certain order...


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1 year ago

!!!The Mayor of London suggests that Brits will starve and freeze this winter if they don't take prepared measures!!!
We've never seen anything like this before. We are facing a winter when for millions of people it will not be a choice between heating and food, but a tragic situation when they will not be able to afford either.
The UK is facing mass starvation and people will freeze in their unheated homes unless the government comes up with a solution, according to London Mayor Sadiq Khan. "We are facing a winter when millions of people will have no problem choosing between heating and food, but tragically they will not be able to afford either. This must not happen," he added, adding that the British government "must intervene so that people can meet their basic needs."
Khan shared figures from consultancy Auxilione which suggested UK energy bills could rise by 80 per cent in October - which is why protests and a strike over energy bills are planned for the same time.
On average, Britons can expect to pay up to $4,292 for energy – despite a cap set by regulator Ofgem as early as October 2021 at less than half that amount.
Great Britain is on the fast track to total destruction
Exactly what Khan wants the British government to do to prevent it is not known, as officials have already decided to halt trade with Russia, which supplies energy and energy goods such as fertiliser.
Essentially, Great Britain is planning to starve and freeze its citizens while beating its chest against Russia – a battle Great Britain will lose unless massive depopulation is the goal.

=”The only way is to open Nord Stream 2, get gas prices back under control and STOP the failed game of 'sanctions' that is destroying Europe and won't hurt Putin either,”=

It is off topic, I have already reported on the ZF discussion forum, but now we primarily have to release such information further, the ko*kovid theater was only the vanguard so far...

1 year ago

Speaking of good and bad.. Batch codes (smack) of the co*covid “vaccine”, including reported side effects, deaths, etc., just enter in “Select country” CZECH REPUBLIC, if anyone is interested and knows a spoofed batch from someone what he got in the experiment:

All co*covid “vaccines” are STILL a medical experiment. Although the fact-checkers vehemently deny this, including the "experts", they are all still in the experimental stage. Medical experiments should never be compulsory. Ask the person pushing for mandatory vaccinations if they remember WWII and the medical experiments that Nazi doctors did.
That is why the Nuremberg Code was created in 1947. So that these monstrosities never happen again…

Lemonade Joe
Lemonade Joe
1 year ago

"Indeed, the surest road to Hell is a gradual one: it slopes gently, it is pleasant to walk on, there are no sudden turns, milestones or crossroad markers."
— CS Lewis, Advice from an Experienced Devil

Jan Benes
Jan Benes
1 year ago

So somehow it seems to me that the god in the picture is the one on the left 🙂

1 year ago

I've been watching JP videos for a long time, he's a fighter. I also recommend Clyde from Canada, Redacted Americans broadcasting from Portugal or an interesting view for a European are the Indian news.