Plastic recycling – another scam down the rabbit hole

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Are you also happy that every time you throw plastic in the yellow bin, you do at least a little bit for the planet? I will not hide the fact that, of course, we also sort all the waste at home and compost most of the biological waste.

But have you ever wondered what actually happens to your sorted (not to be confused with recycled…) plastics?

You also read the headlines everywhere, like people here and in Europe sorts up to 70% plastics? Looks cool, right? And so a person ceases to be interested in the further fate of his PET bottle, because he thinks that it is solved and it ends with sorting.

But the funny thing is that the number of how many plastics are sorted, AT ALL it says nothing about what really happens to the sorted plastics... I won't stress you out, according to the OECD - is recycled ONLY about 9% of plastics.
I wasn't under any illusions and suspected that some of the plastics I had sorted out it burns normally, or exported to China for landfills, but I had no idea that it was so bad and that it was the vast majority.
And I'm not even talking about the fact how much the companies that sort plastics and then "ecologically incinerate" earn from subsidies and government contracts.
Take ten minutes of your time because the documentary is definitely worth it.


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9 months ago

Sorted plastics are usually used for fuel, for which there is already an intense fight, from municipal waste, plastics etc. are sorted and from this is fuel, for which the fight is already starting. It will mostly be burned by heating plants with good gas cleaning, preferably with cogeneration (???).
How to limit the absurdly high consumption of disposable packaging?

1 year ago

Recycling has been introduced worldwide as a tool to teach citizens to comply with regulations. Forcing citizens to sort waste into separate bags and containers or boxes every week had absolutely nothing to do with "saving the planet" and everything to do with teaching citizens to behave "responsibly", i.e. do what they are told, without looking too much into the reasons for what they are being ordered to do.

Of course, recycling has never had anything to do with protecting the planet. Most of the garbage sorted, washed and collected was taken abroad, by trucks, ships or trains, and there burned or dumped in a landfill. Recycling the collected material was simply impractical and cost inefficient. And, of course, the collection of sorted waste was associated with huge financial costs and pollution.

Today, the recycling business has reached the height of madness. Councils are introducing increasingly complex rules and fees. Unsurprisingly, littering has become a major problem. The biggest cause of plastic in the sea is discarded fishing gear and plastic waste (much of it officially labeled as recycled) that has been discarded from ships.

2 years ago

Meanwhile, on the bogus "shit-throwers" (list, etc.) following the "protocol":
Czechs sort, but waste from yellow bins often cannot be reused:

= I really like it, as always, after some "hot" thing, the lying media must always have a say xD Whether it's about chemtrails (see the discussion forum at ZF), or about the saving co*covid "vaccines" (they recently admitted something in in the sense that infertility is "short-term" and rare, or something like that :D) etc.
The media cesspool simply has to go according to the notes, to order, always have the LAST WORD.

Because, everything that is a different opinion is, after all, DISINFORMATION..
And misinformation is anything they don't want said OUT LOUD.

2 years ago

I have also experienced garbage collectors who threw all kinds of garbage into the car, without sorting it and not once. I've already started to doubt it. Most plastics cannot be recycled and never have been. This has been said many times in the past. I've seen a lot of documentaries, one of the ones that stuck in my head was called "Plastic Oceans" or something like that. There they also talked about the fact that most plastics cannot be "recycled", etc. And these are some year old documents. But be careful, it doesn't only apply to plastics, as far as I know, especially glass! We don't sort it based on the fact that it's worth it, but that it's better for us to throw it away. This is related from the beginning to the =GREEN DEAL= when all the eco wind turbines and battery solar and wind power plants turned out to be absolutely useless, it's all a scam...