You don't have to believe it - it's enough that they do!

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The European Council agreed with the WHO that it would be an excellent idea for the WHO to completely manage the next pandemic in such a way that its decisions would be directly superior to the constitutions of individual nation states. In translation, this means that individual states would completely surrender to WHO's decision-making if a pandemic was declared (which, by the way, is also declared by WHO...).
Several negotiations have taken place, others will take place this year, and the whole process should be completed by 2024.

But that doesn't matter - the WHO is an independent body full of experts...

Sure - the "independent" body is financed from 80% by voluntary donors and it is no secret that only 88% from private donors make up Bill Gates and his various foundations…

It is also no secret that WHO Director Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (who by the way is not a doctor at all and his past is euphemistically speaking "very controversial“) is a former associate of Bill Gates and a close friend of his…

Bill Gates and WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

And then there's quite a bit more interesting patent from 2020, which consists in the fact that thanks to the chip that is implemented in your body, based on your physical activities, virtual money is generated - that is, virtual cryptocurrency is "mined" - digital money. In other words, because of crypto money, a chip can be placed in the body that monitors a person's daily physical activity. When the conditions are met, a person receives certain bonuses that can be spent on something.


Animated image with bounce effect

And it is surely just a coincidence that this patent was registered by Microsoft and even though Bill Gates got rid of most of the shares of Microsoft, it probably won't surprise you that he is still the largest shareholder, owning 98 million shares worth about 29 billion dollars.

And the fact that the patent number is 666 - that is, specifically - 060606 (WO2020060606) is just another bizarre coincidence…

Of course, chips in vaccines are nonsense and highly impractical, because people like to have chips put into their bodies themselves, and above all voluntarily, in order to get a guaranteed income and generate it through their own activity digital money, which the globalists are pushing more and more as a substitute for money after Great reset.

You don't believe it? Does all this Great Reset, Global Government and the loss of human freedom still sound like conspiracy nonsense to you? Are these all just little coincidences and unrelated things?
Sure – how else…
A commercially minded company invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in a patent that it thinks is just a hoax and nonsense. Do you think they don't believe it, even though you think it's a conspiracy?
Maybe they're actually doing it programmatically just to get a shot at conspirators with tinfoil caps on their heads.

In short, they believe it - put up with it - and whether you believe it too, or if you still naively lull yourself into thinking it's just a "conspiracy", they don't care!

It's just happening - get to know the reality!

Do you believe in the effort to establish a Global Government?

For this purpose, in the end there can be one government, or for example three similar to 1984 - (Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia).

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10 months ago

Hello.. Today is the premiere of a movie that has already been delayed once Alejandra Monteverde starring James Caviezel about the abduction, abuse and murder of children for so-called adrenochrome. At first I didn't want to believe it, it was completely unnecessary.. I started searching and looking for more information, videos with Caviezel.. What is adrenochrome actually. In one of the videos, Caviezel says that he has never seen anything more brutal and appalling..murdered children, they must be tortured so that, in their blood, there is as much adrenlin as possible. the "stars"? I'm curious and I hope today is the Big Day.

1 year ago

Rich people are not interested in living on land contaminated with radioactive fallout. They are also afraid of cadmium emissions, so they want to reduce the population to 5-10%. Cadmium is produced by humans in municipal waste.

There will be no nuclear war. This is done differently. For example, using muzzleloader sheep. They will do anything just to stand out from the crowd. The muzzle-loaders calmly put the state in debt, so that each person has a debt of CZK 250,000. We are actually already defeated, because our muzzleloaders have put us in debt for 2 generations ahead.

1 year ago

Politics can theoretically be changed in two ways, but neither of them is realistic in our country.
1. By choice, impossible. The intelligence of 70% voters is on the verge of insanity.
2. By violent coup, coup and revolution. We don't have the leaders or the people for that, and the state agencies always collaborate with the government.

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1 year ago

We should agree to the National Theater and buy it even against the will of stupid voters. And that national media would truthfully inform and brainwash in the opposite direction than the pro-American media.

1 year ago

The CDC warns health care workers to be on the lookout for the deadly Marburg virus:

The CDC also reported that Marburg, which has a staggering death rate 23-90%, can be difficult to diagnose.. 23% to — ?
A little reminder from November 2021: Their next planned "pandemic" will be Marburg

WHO warns that despite the limited mode of transmission Marburg virus has the potential to become a full-blown epidemic.

no one yet
no one yet
1 year ago

Man is an inventive creature, so nothing they plan will happen. End of programming, wake up and arrange according to possibilities and circumstances. We are all informed. It is enough to get out of the programmed patterns and do things in life differently, find food differently, there are so many possibilities.

1 year ago

In China it is introduced and works about 2% populations are problematic, In Russia it is being prepared together with the digital ruble. In the US they basically implemented it with COVID, In the EU it will be completed. The opposition is created artificially so that the population "has the option of choosing".
If the new generation is programmed and brought up in this way and does not yet have life experience from a crisis that has affected them personally and existentially, then the older or more intransigent will simply write off.
China "inoculated" mice with cow's milk with an experimental mRNA solution found in COVID injections. So, unfortunately, concerns about the hidden insertion of mRNA into food are already justified. Already trying to introduce edible vaccines through genetically engineered plants and livestock, they are pressuring US farmers to inject their livestock with an experimental COVID mRNA vaccine this month.

1 year ago

Just to clarify, they are not striving for global government, but for global administration, which is a much broader term, that is, penetration down to the level of municipalities and institutions. (Global government vs Global governance)

1 year ago

comment image
It started quietly with the dogs, when people let them sniff and no one objected. They had been preparing it for years. Since the start of the covid "operation", when the official is involved. the whole world and is taking shape NWO. It is interesting that what was always pointed out in the "alternative scene", right among people "vaccinated" against covid (which, by the way, no one suddenly wants to talk about much anymore) cancer and other diseases are "rapidly developing".

Everything else (including currently playing war with the deliberate killing of people) serves to distract attention. TOTAL CONTROL it runs "in the background" and no one notices..

Ko*kovid was a test of the 4th industrial (WEF) revolution, where man lost his rights, had no freedom, was controlled, rewarded .. according to how he is and will be obedient. And thanks to all this, they will be able to control what information reaches us and what we think .. including RUSSIA! Which plays in that theater too.

So, I am very happy to repeat myself:
People had to overthrow the government a hundred years ago (the Spanish "flu") to prevent forced "vaccination". And today he'd rather put a rag over his mouth and get a May bee pricked :)) And straw at the cowshed to go with it!

And the internet? It was created by the intelligence services from the beginning. From the beginning there was freedom of opinion and a certain degree of freedom. Once people got used to it and started using it en masse, it became subject to spying and collection of sensitive data by these security agencies. Currently, we can see how the Internet is used to silence and imprison opponents, "fighting disinformation" and in the future to establish a credit system within the NWO?

As for the WEF, they have a platform for shaping the future of health and healthcare designed to work with governments and businesses to help define and find ways to "scale up" solutions for health systems. Some of the WEF's key activities are listed as supporting global vaccine supply, including contributing to COVAX (GAVI Vaccine Alliance Project, Coalition for Innovation in Epidemic Preparedness and Gates Health Organization, WHO). In fact, GAVI was launched by the WEF, and other partnerships and collaborations include the Davos Alzheimer's Collaborative, working with Deloitte to develop a "toolkit to support policymakers in developing successful mental health technology policies," etc.

In this context, the WEF would also like to see more people connected to the internet, citing the need for "robust" data sharing as well as "security and confidentiality".
WEF welcomes "big data models" and "wearable sensors" to "rethink" how the world approaches healthcare. Based on bulk data collection.

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