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Another of many young lives needlessly destroyed. World No. 2 golfer Nellie Korda (vaccinated, of course), had to interrupt her career - at the age of 23 she suffers from blood clots - quite common among young athletes today...

This text was originally written in December last year, but since then almost nothing has changed and I wouldn't change a single comma of the text - maybe only that the impact will be a bit harder again and to other professions, apart from journalists and doctors, who continue to fail and they are silent, I would add economists, war commentators, political scientists and psychologists…

For more than a year, we have been trying with doctors, scientists and lawyers who associate around Hello forum, to seek the truth, the inconsistencies and to report what is really going on in our society, because those who under normal circumstances should be doing this have failed miserably and continue to fail.

First of all, these are journalists who should have jumped after every single case of corruption, lies and manipulation - but they deliberately remain silent out of fear, for the sake of readership, or in the supposed interest of "saving humanity" and what's worse, everything that comes their way , that that one narrative of truth however it disrupts, or even breaks it, tries to suppress and dishonor it. And so even the public media jumped on the meaningless labels of words such as disinformer, conspirator, anti-vaxxer and anti-face mask, with which they trivialize and ridicule the unpleasant truth. 

A separate chapter is made up of news websites, which are even generously paid directly by the government for spreading fear - see contracts for NOK 200,000 just for the month of November for portals List and lightning.

In my opinion, an even more fatal failure was committed by scientists and especially by doctors who, as if by a magic wand, not only forgot all the basics of medicine and virology that everyone had in school, but unfortunately in many cases directly violated the Hippocratic Oath.


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Fortunately, there are exceptions who do not remain silent, but they are on the one hand desperately few, and what is worse, their voice is deliberately suppressed in the media and they are once again labeled as misinformers. No argument – no debate – no facts – only ad hominem.

Then, of course, there are doctors who, out of sheer stupidity, their own fear, or for selfish reasons, get on the government line and just add to the cauldron of covid madness.

And the rest of those nearly 50,000 doctors are silent - just like most of society. They are conformist, they fear for their warm places and they don't want to get dirty, they don't want a neighbor or a famous fellow professor to think that they are also misinformers. Or they simply don't care - they put it on, they inject, they don't think. The authorities would not lie to them - the past cannot repeat itself.

But everything that is happening around us today is only the result and catalyst of where our society has reached and what we ourselves have committed. 
I remember stories that friends told me a few years ago that it happens in big corporations. They're seriously talking about having toilets for the third gender - everyone knows it's bullshit, but no one says it out loud to avoid being homophobic, and everyone maintains the status quo, shuts up, and keeps playing the game.

The king is perfectly naked, most of the society knows it very well, but prefers to remain silent - after all, silence is so convenient - but it will pass - but someone else will take care of it...

No! – He won't care! And the longer you stay silent, the harder it will be to stop the train of lies, manipulation and fear. And you will know it yourself when one day you will inevitably stand in front of that train, that there will be no one left to stop it and it will crush you too.

Unfortunately, people speak up only when the problem starts to affect them personally, and this has happened even now in the case of some doctors, policemen and firefighters, who have been writing us a lot of emails in recent weeks.
That something needs to be done - that they don't want to be vaccinated after all - that it has gone too far...

Yes, it went - but you have to speak up! All of you who know but for various reasons are afraid and silent because if you don't it will only get worse and harder and harder to speak up…

We have already said everything and most of it at least ten times - but no one cares about data and facts anymore - people don't want to see it out of fear.
Now it's ONLY up to you who see but are afraid to speak - JUST stop being silent!

Written for Reflex (6/12/2021)

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Milan Dlouhy
Milan Dlouhy
2 years ago

Hello Mr Tománek. Maybe you know that I have been following you for a long time? You know, I'm an ordinary pensioner, I don't have a degree. Yet I suffer from despair, where have we come as a people? I am 71 years old. I had a hard time living through 1968 and its consequences (I'm an absolute non-party member and to this day, I was even kicked out of the pioneer) About 1989, when I completed all the demonstrations, etc., etc. And now everything fell apart for me. I'm not a dad, so I don't need to elaborate. But what is happening now for the fanaticism around UK. my brain and my intuition is not able to understand at all. I wish you a lot of strength to handle everything and maybe even survive? Greetings from Č.Ráj Milan