What can I do myself?

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One question keeps appearing over and over again - "What can I do myself?" And I say, there is an awful lot - everyone can influence those around them and set an example by how they live, what they do, what they can do and thus have the greatest effect on those around them. I try to write, if you sell, for example, in meat - you can also influence a lot - ignore the media, set an example against the system - above all, DO NOT collaborate with it in any way, don't talk nonsense, talk to people who want to listen, smile at them, get together. There are 13 of these cubes and the last one is more than a meter high and quite heavy. If there were only 29 cubes, the last one could be as high as the Empire State Building - an incredible 443 meters. Don't believe that you don't have the strength - on the contrary, that strength is really in all of us! And that's the only way!

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