Fast ecological charging…

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We will paint the stand green - it will be cool, the customer will be satisfied and Greta's heart will dance. Wake up to better tomorrows!

It's a pity that in our country 41 % of electricity is produced by burning coal, 39 % from nuclear, and in winter, when the sun doesn't shine much, the share of solar and wind energy - i.e. the "eco" - is only 1 %. And even in the summer, with renewable energy, we reach a maximum of 6 % share. (source)
And we're not even talking about non-ecological production and disposal of batteries.

No, charging cars is not really ecological and every electric car just has a chimney somewhere else.

But it works great on people - just like this fabulous one "Gluten-free rice sandwich".
The joke is that of course rice contains no gluten at all - so let's buy gluten-free toothpaste and eco-friendly gluten-free electric cars.

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