Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

Welcome to my site associated with blog, which I decided, after censorship on, preferably run on your own domain.

And why do I write blogs at all? If the world is not in order, in my opinion everyone should contribute and help with what they can and above all they should stop being silent. And maybe I can write - so I write...

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Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

My latest book

Everything you didn't want to know about the world…

Thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live.
It's like the biblical apple of knowledge - then the world, the news, the individual "personalities" and events you read about will never be seen the same again, and you will find that what you believed to be a safe haven - especially the whole 20th century - is one big lie.

"The book is global psychosomatics. Well written, short, clear, understandable. This is exactly how psychosomatic communication with a patient should look like. I will promote until the last ban." MUDr. Jan Hnízdil

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Sudden Death - Documentary

A very powerful documentary about blood clots (beware, it contains naturalistic footage directly from autopsies) and other incredibly serious facts, vaccine approval fraud and vaccination side effects. Many doctors, pathologists and

Paradoxically, I see hope in stupidity

Rationality, arguments and common sense have been vulgar insults for more than two years, and propaganda and sectarian religion have taken over the brains of the vast majority of the population (not only) of our country. First

Why did your loved ones have to die?

The documentary shows from the American point of view exactly what we have been experiencing in our country for more than two years. A perfect summary of the entire covid situation and especially WHY and WHO it served perfectly. Denigration of functional drugs a

No time for the big question?

I keep reading the same narrative: "Putin won't stop at Ukraine - he threatens all of Europe." Well, let's face it - I, as well as probably no one except Putin and

Interview for the Conscience of the Nation

“I stopped watching the mainstream a long time ago. It seems strange to me that I would suddenly start believing someone who has been lying to me for two years. It's like the battered wife at home who keeps apologizing

Propaganda - the answer to HOW and WHY

Two very important documents. Propaganda, the consent factory - this documentary was created in 2017 and broadcast by CT in 2019 - but today, in 2022, it would

British Dotted Tales

Some time ago, we brought the testimonies of Czech citizens who were damaged by the vaccine in the documentary Dotted stories, and if you haven't seen it, I recommend you watch it. This document is essentially the same thing –

War with trees - book launch

Last Friday, September 30, we had a ceremonial christening of my new book The War of Trees at the Kámen Theatre. I am very happy that Professor Jiří Beran, who is, took on the role of godfather