Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

Welcome to my site associated with blog, which I decided, after censorship on, preferably run on your own domain.

And why do I write blogs at all? If the world is not in order, in my opinion everyone should contribute and help with what they can and above all they should stop being silent. And maybe I can write - so I write...

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Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

My latest book

Everything you didn't want to know about the world…

Thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live.
It's like the biblical apple of knowledge - then the world, the news, the individual "personalities" and events you read about will never be seen the same again, and you will find that what you believed to be a safe haven - especially the whole 20th century - is one big lie.

"The book is global psychosomatics. Well written, short, clear, understandable. This is exactly how psychosomatic communication with a patient should look like. I will promote until the last ban." MUDr. Jan Hnízdil

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How to legally buy elections

It is surely just a coincidence that the electricity subsidy of NOK 3,500 came to the customers of ČEZ, which is owned by the state from 70%, not now in October, but already on September 13 - that is

The West - freedom and democracy?

Remember how it was two years ago when you wanted to write ANYTHING that contradicted the general perception of covid? Even if you started every text with the words "I'm not denying covid, but..." - you became

Do you still believe in coincidences?

In France, at the time of the biggest energy crisis, 32 out of 56 nuclear reactors are shut down In Holland, farmers want to cull herds In 2021 and 2022, quite a lot of warehouses burned down in the USA

Why is "ceiling" just another government scam?

The first thing to say is that it is not about capping the price of energy (for example by setting a "fair profit" for energy companies, as presented by the government) - but it is purely about COMPENSATION for

Carbon footprint and carbon neutrality…

One of the biggest frauds of the big mining and energy companies - a fraud that is beautifully covered up and invented by the current globalist politicians and activists like Greta - some just out of ignorance and stupidity,

Dotted stories - Czech documentary

A powerful and long-in-the-making document, for the creation of which I am very grateful to the entire editorial staff of the Conscience of the Nation. It's a great and necessary act, but it should have been filmed by, for example, public television, instead of

When a man is alone, he doubts

Civilization is gravely ill. Healing must come from below. The system will crash, there is no way to stop it. Definitely autumn. Let's build communities, keep friendships. When a person can lean on someone, they see that