Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

Welcome to my site associated with blog, which I decided, after censorship on, preferably run on your own domain.

And why do I write blogs at all? If the world is not in order, in my opinion everyone should contribute and help with what they can and above all they should stop being silent. And maybe I can write - so I write...

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Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

My latest book

Everything you didn't want to know about the world…

Thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live.
It's like the biblical apple of knowledge - then the world, the news, the individual "personalities" and events you read about will never be seen the same again, and you will find that what you believed to be a safe haven - especially the whole 20th century - is one big lie.

"The book is global psychosomatics. Well written, short, clear, understandable. This is exactly how psychosomatic communication with a patient should look like. I will promote until the last ban." MUDr. Jan Hnízdil

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Continuation of censorship in CT

Today I read that the CEO of CT Petr Dvořák was elected vice-president of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for the second time at today's general meeting in Dubrovnik. Congratulations - you're obviously Mr

The last strong warning before autumn

I don't get any benefits from constantly going up against the wall - on the contrary, it only causes me problems, just like everyone else who doesn't shut up. It's really so hard to understand, isn't it

Our society is truly ripe for destruction

I recently went shopping in a large grocery chain and they had radishes there - a bunch on sale for 2.90,- In fact, a bunch of beautiful big radishes cost only 2.90 CZK. It's not even

Why don't we have doctors?

I recently wrote about why there is no blood - that is, from my personal experience - but as it turned out later, unfortunately, dozens of people have gone through something similar, so my case

Postal voting? Easy end to democracy!

I've seen a lot of articles about voter fraud in the 2020 US presidential election, but today I saw this documentary and it really shocked me at the extent of it