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And why at all blogs I write and share interesting videos? If the world is not in order, in my opinion everyone should contribute and help with what they can and above all they should stop being silent. And maybe I can write - so I write...

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Everything you didn't want to know about the world…

Thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live.
It's like the biblical apple of knowledge - then the world, the news, the individual "personalities" and events you read about will never be seen the same again, and you will find that what you believed to be a safe haven - especially the whole 20th century - is one big lie.

"The book is global psychosomatics. Well written, short, clear, understandable. This is exactly how psychosomatic communication with a patient should look like. I will promote until the last ban." MUDr. Jan Hnízdil


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Why do so many people still believe covid lies?

Milgram's experiment - about listening and blind trust in authorities, when one's own responsibility is easily hidden behind "I was ordered to"... "I had to"... or "I blindly trust". Stanford Prison Experiment -

How many more Alexs like that…?

Being a dad myself, I have to share this story that happened in America a few days ago and it really touched me. The helplessness must be unimaginable… Alex se

What if…

Allow me a little sci-fi writer's reflection today. Imagine that you are a really rich and powerful person. I'm not talking about the people who are being touted as "billionaires" in Forbes to have the masses

An inconvenient truth bothered Facebook again

On 11/30/2022 I published a post on Facebook that was deleted on 12/2/2022 and my account was blocked for 24 hours. (In short - Bodybuilder Doug Brignole publicly wrote that he believes in a covid vaccine

Suddenly freedom for China…?

Why rewrite history when we can change the paradigm right in real time. For two years we have been pointing out what is happening in China - how covid camps are being built there

Sudden Death - Documentary

A very powerful documentary about blood clots (beware, it contains naturalistic footage directly from autopsies) and other incredibly serious facts, vaccine approval fraud and vaccination side effects. Many doctors, pathologists and

Best selling book - reprint!
Answers to your questions,
if you have the courage...
Thirty-three easy-to-understand chapters of essential contexts about the times in which we live.