Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

Welcome to my site associated with blog, which I decided, after censorship on Currently, preferably run on your own domain.

And why do I write blogs at all? If the world is not in order, I think everyone should contribute and help with what they can and above all they should stop being silent. And maybe I can write - so I write...

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Thank you very much for your support and kind emails. You can now buy my books, even with a signature, in our new one e-shop.

A bitterly funny book that will give you chills

The aging Novak couple enjoy their peaceful small-town life until fate decides to turn it upside down for them - just like eight billion other people - because the trees start to fall.
And safety helmets are just the beginning…

A bitterly parodic parable about the contemporary world, which is getting more and more out of whack.

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"Due to excessive aid to Ukraine, the Czech people are suffering." The latest interview for - about how a writer becomes "the one on the other side of the barricade", about Ukraine, covid, Healthy Forum and

What if II…

When I wrote my sci-fi review "What if..." some time ago, I was missing the last piece in the mosaic for everything to fit together perfectly. Such a small detail about

Not related!

People don't want to hear it, they don't want to read it - they want to finally have peace from "this covid" - but sticking your head in the sand will not solve the problem. On the contrary! Because that's what

It is not "just" a point to Croatia

Written for Echo 24 - June 21, 2021 Man is a strange creature - the more banal decisions he makes in life, the more time he devotes to them. I know, I was one myself until recently.

Paradoxically, I see hope in evil

This reflection is a free continuation and a kind of addition to the older text "I see hope paradoxically in stupidity". In addition to stupidity, incompetence and burying one's head in the sand, the current situation is also caused by him

Who to vote for? Make sure to “choose”…

Short answer: I don't want to legitimize ANY evil and play that some evil is lesser and I should choose that - NO! For the first time since the revolution I can't go with peace