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Lecture: Covidkon II - A healthy forum and two years with covid

My lecture at Covidkon II - about the establishment of the Healthy Forum and my view of the past two years. (3/19/2022) Like3

All has been said - all has been written

This text was originally written in December last year, but since then almost nothing has changed and I wouldn't change a single comma of the text - maybe only that the impact will be a bit harder again and to other professions, apart from journalists and doctors, who continue to fail and…

Interview for Incorrect

A video interview about covid, my books and why I think we should be afraid of the fall and this government. Like4

I haven't understood this for two years and it just keeps getting worse

As a conspirator, misinformer and anti-vaxer who has been accused of many times, I will not engage in any speculation, because the time is really dangerously late, but I will just ask, because I somehow don't have enough brains to understand what is happening. Does our state, according to long-term contracts, still buy vaccines for 900 million per month, which it disposes of again for expensive money, because almost no one gets vaccinated anymore? Why…