Talks, lectures and workshops

Currently, mainly on the topic of freedom in the discussions Hello forum. However, I would be happy to share the experiences of my work with you and your students or pupils.

■ Establishment of a Healthy Forum, how to start with yourself, not to be dependent on the system
■ Freedom, normalization and communist labor camps (the book Chandelier for the Pope)
■ Creative writing for film (script and technical script writing)
■ Experience writing books 
■ The Goat's Story - Creation of a full-length 3D animated film
■ General principles of animation – cartoon animation, puppet, paper, 3D computer animation
■ 3D animation - general principles, software and experience
■ History and development of computer games
Professional Consultations

Thanks to my experience in creating one of the largest 3D animated projects in the Czech Republic, I can offer you professional consultations for your company:

■ 3D animation and rendering
■ 3D stereo glasses and projection
■ VR virtual reality – (principles and model preparation)
■ Augmented reality AR - (principles and model preparation)
■ Pipeline and production of 3D animated film and demanding jobs

Do not hesitate and contact me.