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Hollywood reporter interview - 3/7/2023
About the Goat story and the phenomenon it has just become in America.
Interview for - 3/3/2023
"Due to excessive aid to Ukraine, the Czech people are suffering." Latest interview for - about becoming a writer "on the other side of the barricade", about Ukraine, covid, Healthy Forum and my latest book War with trees.
Interview for the Conscience of the Nation - 18/10/2022
 “I stopped watching the mainstream a long time ago. It seems strange to me that I would suddenly start believing someone who has been lying to me for two years. It's like that abused wife at home who keeps apologizing to her husband, that he didn't mean it that way, that he likes her... Psychologists and sociologists will one day benefit from what's happening here," says writer and director Jan Tománek in a new interview.
When a man is alone, he doubts - Blue Deer - 8/27/2022
Civilization is gravely ill. Healing must come from below. The system will crash, there is no way to stop it. Definitely fall. Let's build communities, keep friendships. When a person can lean on someone, they see that they are not crazy and alone.
Forbidden interview for Laws of Wealth - 4/28/2022

This interview was watched live by 21,000 people and disappeared from Facebook within hours. It's hard to say why, because it was really a non-committal lifestyle talk. Anyway, someone obviously minded…

Incorrect - 30.3.2022
Interview about covid and my work. Why should we fear the fall and this government?
Conscience of the nation - 16.9.2021
Why did I start speaking publicly and decide to present my views that are in opposition to the mainstream? How do I see the current situation and the state of civil resistance in the country? How do I cope with the conditions under which children have to go to school today? What is my experience with censorship? 
Healthy forum - 22.8.2021
About the establishment of the Healthy Forum 

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Censored interview for Czech Radio (which never materialized…) – 11.7.2023

Hollywood reporter - about the Goat story - 3/7/2023

"Due to excessive aid to Ukraine, the Czech people are suffering." – Interview for – 3/3/2023



"Right to corrected information" - Interview PL - 12/12/2022

Interview for the Conscience of the Nation - 18/10/2022

Blue Deer (Petr Bohuš) - When a person is alone, he doubts - 27/08/2022

Interview - They flew in, now they're proving us right. Danger from the government of the five-coalition. – 3/6/2022

Forbidden interview for Laws of Wealth - 4/28/2022

 KULT magazine - interview

 Incorrect - Why should we fear the fall and this government?



 CT - You have a say - The situation in education (TV discussion)

Interview - Not closing yet, but getting fired

 Echo24 – The real way to normal?

 Echo24 – Why is it possible for pubs to do things that are not possible for schools?

 Conversation - A rude awakening is coming. We sacrifice the young for the apparent survival of the old

 Freedom is not free and the fight for it simply hurts - (Prima Zoom)

 Interview - The virus is no longer the issue here. (Life in the Czech Republic)

 Conversation - When I achieve something, I want to try something else

 Interview - Period? Deceptive and false advertising, as for cheap energy.

 Reflex - All has been said, it's time to stop being silent!


2004 – 2019

 Noviny Prahy 16 - In Radotín like on vacation

Currently - Fighting Pirates and The Goat's Tale

GTC - San Jose California - lecture on 3D rendering

Radio journal - Goat story with cheese

 CT – Film2000 – Goat story with cheese

 CT - Sama Doma - Goat story with cheese

 News - Goat's story - the main prize in Buenos Aires

 iDnes - Reality in animation is the road to hell


2004 – 2007

 A number of interviews for print media - the making of Kozí's story