Who to vote for? Make sure to “choose”…

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Short answer: I don't want to legitimize ANY evil and play that some evil is lesser and I should choose that - NO!
For the first time since the revolution, I can't vote with a clear conscience, and I simply won't play this game with figurines anymore...

And now for the longer consideration: What I think and what I wish (but I could be wrong of course).

The bastion that many people jump to is just a dark horse and a false flag in my opinion and certainly not ANY hope. For me personally, the facts are enough: He has been silent for the last two years, when freedom is being trampled here, and he was the ambassador to the AU and the RF - the two most corrupt countries in Europe. Which is definitely not a coincidence, and such a newsagent is not given for free - you have to "earn" it...
And pre-election promises to dismiss the government? Paper can bear anything, we know that, but "you shall know them by their fruits." - however, I don't see any fruit after Mr. Bašt in recent years.
And what is a false flag? Suddenly, wherever he went, there he went - he takes votes in the first round Babišovi to reach the second round only Pavel a Nerudová – i.e. 100% government candidates. A coincidence for sure...


"The surveys are clinking, everyone has a chance" - sure, partly yes, but then there they are sazkové kanceláře and it's not a bunch of suicides and I'm sorry - there really is something to those forecasts.
Unfortunately, the bubbles we live in are simply small...

That's why it makes no sense to deal with the "small" players in this discussion, of whom there is no one I trust anyway and it's actually a constellation of bigger or smaller puppets - people completely without personalities and opinions.

So we are realistically left with three favorites – Babiš, Pavel a Nerudová.

All three passed by the Aspen Institute (I will not discuss here what kind of institution it is, anyone who wants to can look it up. Babiš had himself removed from the site... - but for the Czechia nice selection

Playing the opposition is really just a game for the masses…

Pavel i Nerudová are two EXACTLY the same products and unscrupulous puppets of globalist intentions and were literally created just for the fake game and meaningless arguments of people "is better Coca-cola or Pepsi cola?" and at the same time they both push the exact same agenda of their creators.
Actually, there is one difference - who better to drag us into a senseless war than a professional soldier, right? After all, it is his profession, to solve things militarily...

What about covid and, for example, any mandatory vaccinations? All exactly the same, just look at their current (ouch Babiše on past) opinions.

In short - if you want a unified, transnational, grey, socialist world with harsh normalization and censorship - there are no better candidates.

For years I fought and wrote against Babišovi and I think (I know) the worst about him and in my opinion he is simply a crook. But the crook owns almost all of this land and gets most of his business income from it. 

Yes, I think he is crooked, I know what he did for covid, yes he will also play into the hands of the globalists, but still I think he will not let this country be completely destroyed because he has economic ties and interests here. And the other two puppets don't have them, and that's why they're far more dangerous in my opinion, regardless of the fact that they have NOTHING else besides their artificial careers. Both of them are completely attached to the system of structures living from grants and multinational organizations.

WEF - such a bigger Aspen - just to understand that NOTHING is a coincidence and how incredibly DEEP and OLD the rabbit hole actually is...

What can I add - overall it's really Sophie's choice - or as a friend says more down to earth: "The choice to get kicked in the balls with the left or the right foot".

No, I won't vote Babiše - I would rather have my hand cut off, but actually I would probably prefer that in the misery of these three favourites, he might win in the end.

I know - it's crazy, but unfortunately we live in such a time... We've let it go this far.

“In the end, you will be ruled by the most incompetent of you. This is the penalty for unwillingness to participate in politics.” Plato

EDIT – 19.1.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX after the first round of elections...

A very interesting statement by the former chief military prosecutor about General Pavlov...

Do you like war? Quiet changes to the Constitution and army laws – new text on changes to the Constitution and laws implemented by the Government.

And the conclusion?

Again and again I read somewhere that I am Babišhis voter - NE, this is what I wrote about him already in 2020 and other texts much earlier and I still think it.
In short, I'm just trying to balance the one-sided propaganda in the public space. After all, as I have been doing for at least three years with covid and vaccines, because only without manipulation and propaganda can people really make a free decision.

I will also add a small nihilistic postscript from Facebook, which unfortunately I quite identify with.
The road to war is already finished and ready in the Czech Republic!
Vote for P. Pavle, he will sanctify everything very gladly from his conviction.
Dial A. Babišand he sanctifies everything in the end out of compulsion!

Big congratulations to the nation! You choose between plague and cancer!

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31 comments "Who to vote for? Make sure to “choose”…"

  1. I am 53 years old. I was never in any party. Vote Babišand just so he wouldn't be president Pavel, doesn't seem like a happy solution to me. Today on the website of Andrej's supporters Babiše was after two decent comments explaining why I can't vote for him, they banned access. On other FB pages, my post must be approved. The list permanently blocked me when I once took the liberty of expressing an opinion about the 56 genders, or how many we actually have.
    Let's summarize the presidential election. THE PRESIDENT IS APOLITICAL. I can't imagine a single situation where Andrej would Babiš he was able to appear apolitical. I can't imagine that Andrej Babiš he could face a discussion on the body without preparation. I do not think that a person who transfers property to a son and then speaks of him as a sick person who is unable to understand the court's questions is a credible authority to represent our country.
    I cannot imagine as president a person who could act in his capacity and rid the nation of the greatest post-revolutionary shame named Miloš Zeman and he did nothing. Even a blind man must see why you kept him there and cared for him. Grace here, grace there.

    1. I think you are actually right about everything - and yet I think everything is right Pavel is an even greater evil, because he is only a puppet of someone about whom we have no idea what his final intentions actually are...

      1. It is possible, but where do you get the assurance that when it will be Babiš selected, will it make an observable difference?
        Why do you think that the person who, among other things, ordered mandatory widespread vaccination with iatrogenic mRNA preparations is ultimately better than his opponent?

        1. Nowhere - of course BabišI don't trust him either and that's why, as I write in the text, I would NEVER vote for him...
          Co Pavel he'll do it himself Babiš he will do the same in the end, he will just push him in a different way... ;(

          1. Today I am dealing with the idea that I will throw it away on purpose Babišovi and for one reason. Since the co*covid fraud, I and my family have been doing everything "opposite" to what they want, i.e. we didn't wear any masks, we've never been on a fraudulent PCR "test", etc. Now Pávka is pushing everywhere - there's something more behind that, it's their USA jester no.1
            But what annoys me is that I am contradicting myself here, according to my previous comments. Yeah, it's terrible, but they push Pávek over Bureš. And yes, there is no "lesser evil" I stand by that. Evil is just evil.
            For another, they will do the elections-non-elections in the same way that it will be Pávek even if Bureš had it in his pocket.. Falsifications on a large scale are poisoned by co*vid manipulations.

            So I do not know. I feel a bit like an idiot after this comment. Both are mounted puppets. But I still just want to do it "again" contrary to what "they" want 😛

            1. I think this is exactly the effect it will have on people - the more they push back, the more they will be Babišto vote.
              Action x reaction.

      2. I followed a bit of the debate on Prime and generally follow the campaigns as well. And I wonder what the voters who do not want to return to before 1989 would say if they imagined their most popular politician after 1989 in the final election against the PP? Let's say that if Václav Havel stood against the PP in the fight for president now and would say that it is not good to vote for a communist and a warrior. Would he also be a liar, a pro-Russian person, a troublemaker... or would he leave the crowded squares with applause for these claims?

        1. Přesně tak. Já se pevně rozhodl, že na žádné druhé kolo v politickém divadle NEJDU. Oba dva jsou podvraťáci a ze stejné stáje 🙁 A přesně jak řekl pan Koler.
          A Burešovi nikdy nezapomenu ten prac. apartheid na očko VS neočko, dušení dětí v maskách a vše kolem.
          BUDOUCNOST JE DÁLE NIČENA. Je úplně fuck, kdo z těch dvou šašků tam bude. Nebudu podporovat tenhle bordel 🙁

  2. The News list and other "news" websites are active again. Almost as hard as during the most whiplash phase of the fight for vaccination.
    Again, the choice is complicated:
    Pfizer or Moderna?
    An agent or an intelligence officer?
    RSDr. or Mr. Babišthis one "sympathizing with the poor"?
    As the author writes: "Choose wisely".
    Stanford, Milgram, Asch.
    Do not comply…

  3. Unless he's a left-handed specialist, I'd rather get kicked in the balls by him.

  4. Yes and Babiš, then he is no longer for the Green Deal. However, before one election, he was also against compulsory vaccination, and after the election, his ministers immediately brought him down hard. Are we still going to play "DEMOCRACY"?

  5. NEWS (off topic), CURRENT:

    – The world of cheap consumer goods is ENDING – global supply chains will collapse!

    – Western countries are starting to send tanks to Ukraine in huge numbers
    - Russia will strengthen the standing army to 1,5 million soldiers - mobilization is underway
    – Russia is preparing for a large-scale offensive against Ukraine and NATO targets
    – Russia has confirmed that it faces an existential threat; likely to target NATO bases
    – China intends to coordinate cyber attacks with Russia's kinetic attacks

    – WEF leaders and attendees were likely informed that they could be targeted by missiles (why are cockroaches and soros afraid to come to Davos?)

    – Was the FAA subjected to a ransomware cyberattack that grounded all flights?

    And the era of Western domination over the world is coming to an end?:
    Saudi Arabia announces the end of the dollar's dominance in the global oil trade… the dominoes are starting to fall. The agreement to use the petrodollar has been valid since the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 and "carries" the dollar to the present day. However, this deal ends now! Well, more than 100 countries are ready to abandon the petrodollar as the dominant currency for oil settlement. Instead, many nations are set to switch to using the yuan (from China), or the new BRICS+ commodity-backed reserve currency set to be introduced by China, Russia, India and other participating countries.
    And the dollar will experience a rapid devaluation of its purchasing power, which will translate into higher prices – i.e. inflation – of consumer goods such as food, cars and more. And this will have a negative effect EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD.. But it will take time to FULLY affect it, it also means that those people left holding dollars will be financially ruined as the purchasing power of the dollar evaporates :) )
    And people who stayed with dollars instead of real assets will be liquidated.

  6. Mr. Tománek, I understand you, it's the same for me, but I'm going to vote because it's unimaginable for me that Gen would win. Pavel. And Gen. Pavel wins if people say the same thing as you. And that's like agreeing to war.

    1. Not going to the polls = agreeing to the war is illogical, just like choosing the lesser evil: there is no "lesser evil" because evil is always EVIL. And whether there is an agent of a ruffian or a peacock, it will turn out exactly the same. Only with a difference, when the storm wins, it's "by eye" for a better feeling and as if it's a purple five-demolition... BUT BE AWARE OF THE CONTEXT, I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU ARE INFORMED:

      On the day of the presidential election, Fial's government launched an effort in the lower house to adopt an enabling law that would authorize it to send Czech soldiers abroad without the consent of the parliament? Did you know that? SEE:

      !!Or even better – have you tried this yourself before?!!
      Sending troops abroad without the consent of Parliament. Babiš wants to change the law:

      Babiš wants to send troops abroad without the consent of parliament. But even his allies reject it:
      ct24.ceskatelevize.cz/domaci/2805008-babis-wants-to-send-soldiers-on-a-mission-without-the-consent-of-the-parliament-I reject-but-even-his

      Have you not even read anything in this discussion? !!“ALL POLITICS IS ONLY THEATRE, ALL STATES ARE THEATRE”!!
      So, still coincidences? Didn't three years teach you anything? DEM-ROB-I-IS

  7. Peacock. The nation has gone mad. Mobilization soon. So now to choose an estbák or an estbák as president

    1. SO: we have a simple choice for next week - if they take my son/husband away in 3 months or in 6 months!! congratulations Czech nation and go to fart..

    2. All in all - 70,9% for 3 communist candidates. But the individual districts of Prague are really strong. When I realize that 85% of my neighbors voted for government candidates, in a literally suicidal way, I just….

        1. The elections showed only one thing – the Czech nation does not exist!
          ..at night, instead of sleeping, I tossed and pondered. I took down the Czech flag in the morning. The future of all of us is falling apart before our eyes, THE FUTURE OF THE CHILDREN. The only eligible candidates who were worth anything were "eliminated" before. When I realize that every election can be falsified up to 5%, the idea of ​​who we live with here scares me.
          And as I predicted: THE YEAR 2023 WILL ONLY GET WORSE

          1. +And where does agent Pávek get the audacity - in a simple sum, 64,57% of voters did not vote for him with 68% participation..
            And Bureš: apart from the voters of Bašta, he will not get the votes of the other candidates of the five-demolition...

            And until all the opposition understands that they will take down the five-wheeler only when they unite, they will continue to celebrate successes..

    1. Hello, doctor. That's why I go here, including ZF (and the discussion forum that I try to feed and keep "alive"). I respect you, Mr. Tománek and actually the whole "band". We've been in this led against ALL people together from the beginning. We cannot afford to lose any valuable information. This is our common strength 🙂

      Defiance - not submission.
      I just in the back of my mind still hope that 2023 will be better than what they have planned for us..
      The truth is constantly under attack, read independent (alternative) news while you still can!

      =The first angel poured out his bowl on the earth and all the people bearing the mark of the beast and the worshipers of his image were attacked with painful and deadly plagues. (Revelation 16:2)=

  8. Elections? Farce. It will harden, and not just on the thermometer. The Russians are going to end the Banderas in the winter, and the West will have no choice but to admit that NATO's proxy war with Russia has been going on in Ukraine for almost a year. through Ukrainians and mercenaries from many countries. Therefore, I expect that the new lord (lady) of the castle will announce the mobilization of Czech slaves in the spring to fight for further profits and interests of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, of course under a false flag. It will be the same in Poland, Slovakia and other countries of the former Warsaw Pact... The economy will go to hell, inflation will break records, food will become a luxury, Jews will push Khazarian propaganda and decadent "shows" into people, the human meat grinder will go to full speed ahead. Just because a few thousand psychopaths with gigantic properties still have little, people fell into consumerism and debt, stopped thinking for themselves and voluntarily handed over the power to decide their lives to all-powerful villains. And they still do it with iron regularity.
    The dignity of the nation left a long time ago with the consumerism and perverted values ​​that the west brought here. Every sane person knows that what we allowed the rascals and vermin to do to our homeland, we must now also eat it up. So no one will scrub the burnt casserole for us.

  9. I see it similarly and that someone is pulling the strings of the puppets as they democratically control the media. So democracy and the voter come first. In the end, he showed it to us on Wednesday. The question is why?

  10. Vote or no vote, but none of the five-wheeled candidates must make it to the second round!

    It is not excluded that after the war in Ukraine some movement against Ukrainians will arise and then they will pack up. Above all, for the fascist tendencies that a significant part of Ukrainians invokes. What right do Ukrainian flags have on state buildings? Has anyone asked the citizens if they want it, for example at the Prague municipality? That was the time when the flag of the USSR hung next to our flag, and now we have it again in a different form and a different totality is occurring, including censorship and other attributes.

  11. WE LIVE IN A FASCIST COUNTRY. And I forgot to add the most important thing in my post below..:
    "ALL POLITICS IS JUST THEATRE, ALL STATES ARE THEATRE" .. and no one can get us out of it politically!
    And reality? REALITY IN THE WEST is characterized by non-freedom of expression, post-vaccination extinction, culture of denial, censorship methods, deletion of social media accounts, digital and biometric surveillance, state journalism and psychological warfare against its own population…
    Perhaps everyone else can see this with their own eyes, except for the bleating sheep, who have blinders on their eyes and filters on in their brains to obediently vote out the systemic candidate for president..

    Lao Tzu: "If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you are headed."

    And even foreigners WITHOUT A DIPLOMA could treat the Czech Republic, see:

    And the so-called presidential election, better said a farce, will soon be seen. Many decide who to choose and some believe in the savior Bašta. My opinion is that this election will be just another fraud. All the candidates who were at least worth considering always dropped out for some reason. Why? Chance? No. What is left there is useless to vote for. Nine identical pieces only with a different name and face 🙁
    And the savior? He probably said that mobilization only after a direct attack, of course by the Russians. So conditional admission. Despite being a hawk, a staunch supporter of NATO. Maybe he looks like some harmless old man, his head will be like after an explosion...

  12. Note the dismay and astonishment of mainstream journalists and some politicians at Středula's withdrawal from the candidacy and his subsequent expression of support for Neruda. How can a "leftist" candidate, a union boss and a person who is supposed to represent the interests of the "working people" support a pro-government right-wing neoliberal economist with antisocial attitudes, representing the top ten thousand?

    It's simple: One Aspen puppet stepped down in favor of another Aspen puppet. Both are from the same "litter" and both are just playing their role in the electoral theater. To those who know these connections, on the contrary, Středula's behavior seems completely logical. If he does not know these connections, or if he considers all the facts about Aspen's influence to be a "conspiracy", he has no chance to understand it. It does not make sense only to those who are unable to search for true information and understand the connections themselves. Well, there are a lot of those among our journalists and politicians, aren't there? Better not to strain your brain too much and not perceive the unpleasant reality, it could cause them problems.

  13. Elections = false hope, they are rigged, they go by the notes and if anyone thinks they are not, they are VERY naive..

    "The counting sheets of the presidential candidates in the Czech Republic are verified by a company with an opaque ownership structure leading to a tax haven in the Cayman Islands - the holding structure of the companies even appears in the leaked Paradise Papers..
    Jana Peterková filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of the Interior and is asking the court for a preliminary measure and postponement of the presidential elections. She published a video on her profile and the information that will be heard in the video will give you the opportunity to look into the rabbit hole of unbelievable and corruption-smelling processes that have been going on since 2012, i.e. since the government of Petr Nečas, around the counting and verification of petition sheets for the presidential elections... "

    "...I do not believe that any court in the Czech Republic will postpone the date of the elections in order to investigate this, as is possible in a democratic country which, according to Peter Fiala, is said to be at war, that the petition sheets of presidential candidates in the Czech Republic are being counted by a company with unknown final owners, whose traces ends up somewhere in an exotic tax haven..”

    Full article on this, here:
    aeronet.news/exclusive-investigation-of-aeronet-revealed-from-the-citation-file-of-the-petition-of-the-presidential-candidates-in-cr-verifies-a-company-with-an-opaque-ownership-structure-leading-to-Dano’s-paradise-on- cayman islands/

    The mentioned AERONET (and actually any other website, EVEN THIS ONE! just other than the only “MSM official truth”) = allegedly conspiratorial, pro-Russian and disinformation websites, which he wants to permanently (SOON) block inside.. Take for yourself what you have learned during three years more to believe 🙂

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