Contemporary Economy - Life on the Titanic

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Are you also fascinated by how the city streets are full of people shopping, everyone is spending on crap, the young progressive leftists can't do without their coffee at an overpriced Starbucks, and the economists pretend that nothing is happening and that we will carry on as usual?

For the past two years, we have had energy THREE TIMES more expensive, just like mortgages - groceries "only" TWICE, but cool…
Or just look at, for example, the US debt, which has completely broken off the chain and has risen since 2000 FIVE TIMES. And a huge part of the state's income from taxes goes only to service this astronomical debt - that is, people only pay the state interest from their taxes, but the debt itself is actually unpayable...

The evolution of the US debt

A war may be a "momentary salvation" for America - because the vast majority of all the largest arms companies are American. So yes, America can partially heal from war…
But the main problem cannot delay it.

It seems to me that every time mankind thought that THIS TIME it cannot collapse, that the tree can simply grow indefinitely and that "it will somehow pass". Sure, ONO it will pass somehow - of course, gender freedom for all fifty sexes is important, and we can still hammer another nail into the coffin, for example in the form of the Green deal.

I can't imagine that economists don't see it and are silent... but actually yes - I can, doctors and scientists were silent about vaccination and are silent again...
So either it's complete blindness, incompetence and faith in a dead mare, or it's AGAIN intention and direct path to Great reset and clearing money.
And all you need to add to the equation is that almost the entire world economy and oil are tied to the dollar...

But still cool. I'm afraid it may be part of some folklore - the band was also winning on the Titanic until the very last minute.

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  1. !MUST: You and I must spread the truth to fight propaganda! Digital enslavement, social credit and the end of freedom are only a few months away. The brainwashed people who demand more war are manipulated and don't realize they are being exploited. Now I think the risk of a third world war is growing rapidly and will soon be somewhere between probable and inevitable. The fact is that all those behind the co*covid hoax, global warming and the great reset need a war to keep their fear alive!
    Look what's going on, read Orwell again: !!Permanent War. Fear and terror. Other countries are doing the same!!

    The media is doing a good job (again). The headlines are full of demands for more actions, more bullets, another war. Political leaders are talking about ousting Putin and arresting him.
    !And all the people who did not say anything during the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2014 and these wars in Yemen and Syria, for example, are now suddenly full of horror!
    The public is encouraged to support the fringe. Conspirator-led media constantly report on atrocities (which may or may not have happened) and encourage the public to call for greater Western involvement. We basically ARE already a partner of the fringes and we will probably soon have joint participation in this "depopulation competition".

    They have created the war they need, and it is already underway: a war that will kill billions of people through hunger and poverty; a war that destroys economies; a war that will create permanent subjugation.
    And in the meantime, inflation will increase. The price of fuel will rise in 2023. It seems abundantly clear that the government is deliberately pushing energy prices up (somehow the war and UA support has to be paid for). If you think it's bad now, wait a few months…

    And what else is happening as a result. Bankers think this war could be used to accelerate the adoption of digital money by central banks. And there will be a programmable currency. You can only spend it on things they allow you to buy! It is sanctions, not bombs and bullets, that will kill. The result of wars is always great poverty. None of this happens by accident..

    There is no longer any doubt that NATO deliberately pushed Russia to invade Ukraine. Likewise, there is no doubt that this is far from the worst military activity currently occurring. The wars in Yemen and Syria have killed many more people, but have generated little interest from Western politicians and journalists. And citizens are constantly urged to support the fringes. I have not seen any signs of support for the oppressed people of Syria or the oppressed people of Yemen, but the people of the border are treated as something special..

    Will China join in supporting Russia? Will China use the war as an excuse to occupy Taiwan? What will happen in the Middle East? Bad times are coming, organized and controlled by evil psychopaths. Two months ago, World War III was almost impossible.

    =Distrust the government, avoid the mass media and fight the lies=

  2. Not only humans will eat insects, but animals too - see BRIT CARE dog food here:

    The following "general public" products will be sold with added crickets (Acheta domesticus):
    – Multigrain bread – Multigrain rolls – Biscuits and bars – Cereal bars – Dry premixes for pastries – Biscuits – dry filled and unfilled pasta products – Sauces – Potato products – Legume and vegetable based dishes – Pizza – General pasta and whey products – Meat analogues (vegetarian meat alternatives) – Soups and soup concentrates, soup powder – Cornmeal-based snacks – Beer-like drinks – Chocolate products, nuts and oilseeds – Snacks (except chips) and all meat preparations..

    !! To the point: This powder - from crickets - contains chytin, which our intestines can't process, but it's a very tasty polysaccharide for cancer, parasites, fungus and almost anything that causes disease. Insects also contain metamorphic steroids, especially ecdysterone !!

    IN ENGLISH to the question: What is the future of food? Answer, here:

    Does anyone know when the CSRQ starts yet?!

  3. And what's more, it's also a lot of trouble, the disruption of family relationships, neighbors around, etc. etc.. 🙁 Anything that I have ever uttered/raised/put out of my mouth or written word to someone, is immediately understood by most as some kind of "attack" and that it is literally "shit" etc. Nobody was simply interested and until now they probably are not interested in the "problems" surrounding the supply situation (collapse) of food, fuel, inflation with hyperinflation and everything around..
    It doesn't lead anywhere, it seems to me that 100% of vaccinated people are controlled in some perverse way and that their outbursts, including aggressive behavior, whether from (former) friends, family members, neighbors - when, paradoxically, it is precisely all those who let themselves to “vaccinate” against the false “covid” narrative, and it shocks me how aggressive they have become… they are angry about everything. And they sputter because of everything - I think it's the Sprotein that goes into the brain and causes prion disease. A prion disease means that the proteins behave abnormally, etc.
    However, individuals "vaccinated" by gene therapy are much more likely to fall than those who are pure and non-genetically modified individuals.

    I would like to draw your attention here to one piece of information that I think is quite fundamental, which I came across in a discussion and that:

    "From January 24.1.2023, XNUMX, most foods in our supermarkets may also contain cricket powder.
    This powder contains chytin, which our intestines can't process, but it's a very tasty polysaccharide for cancer, parasites, fungus and almost anything that causes disease. Insects also contain metamorphic steroids, especially ecdysterone.
    Enjoy your meal! Your EU.”
    see pdf link. in Czech:

    And to make matters worse, when we are all moving on the edge of death, so:
    Meanwhile, eg Scotland - government trolls there are proposing nationwide "twenty minute districts" - where there is a limit to how far the lifé can travel from home to "save the planet" from global (fraud) warming.
    And as a pearl to the aforementioned Scotland: the greens (GREEN DEAL) want to regulate everyone's carbon dioxide emissions - no more breathing... for the planet!

    And yet, a certain Hans Joachim Schellnhuber is convinced that in order to "save the planet" from "climate change" each person's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must be limited and regulated by the government. Mr. Hans Šůlin literally said that every person should have a limit of three tons of CO2 emissions per year in their daily life. According to him, those who exceed this amount should be forced to pay a fine

    = Since with each breath a person exhales CO2 in exchange for oxygen, breathing would have to be regulated as well. Those who want to stay under the three-ton limit may need to breathe less, etc.

    And also - co. Alibaba is developing “individual carbon footprint tracking” to track people’s CO2 emissions…
    "A commitment to better travel - We're building a movement of millions of people committed to responsible travel"
    + the glaring chemtrails the guy has above his head is priceless :-D, see:

    I still keep wondering how all those solar panels, wind turbines, etc. are going to be recycled at the end of their useful lives? Climate idiots probably don't care that solar panels and wind turbines are energy negative (they use more energy to build and operate than they produce), BUT WHAT happens to all those solar panels and windmills when they are thrown away? (Just like with electric cars, WHAT happens to all those batteries when they run out.).
    And the whole green joke also lies in the fact that the fools have not yet noticed that the world is running out of copper, nickel and other basic minerals needed to make their much-loved electric cars and so-called "renewable energy" projects.

    =From March 2020 the END of homo-sapiens begins? And welcome to homo-borg-genisis…?!=

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