Why do so many people still believe covid lies?

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All three experiments have one thing in common – mainly no thinking and free will!

Milgram's experiment - about listening and blind trust in authorities, when one's own responsibility is easily hidden behind "I was ordered to"... "I had to"... or "I blindly trust".

The Stanford Prison Experiment – when everyone likes to take on the role of supervisor and is able to abuse and restrict other people if given the power (for example, permission to control others).

And why do people still believe that fairy tale?
He can answer this question perfectly Asch's experiment – how to fit into the herd I think they are most important of all and fits perfectly even on Green deal, Ukrainian, or any other manipulation.
Here, a respondent is placed in the group of hired actors, who has to truthfully answer which segment is the same length as the others.
But the experimenter does not know that the other people are actors and are instructed to lie and answer wrongly, but in agreement with each other.

Unfortunately, THE VAST MAJORITY the people who have passed the experiment will eventually succumb and join the herd wrong answer.
The reasons are various – trying not to look like a fool, being herd, being comfortable, undermining one's own judgement, etc... The last participant of the experiement, who doesn't even fake the initial phase, is great. Yes, there are those among us.
And this is exactly what is happening now with covid and any other manipulation that society is currently undergoing. It is this herding and conformism that makes it impossible to ask even basic questions - for example, about the side effects of vaccinations, the real causes of the energy crisis, price increases, or the background to the war in Ukraine.
And then, of course, there's good old fashioned fear.

The next video is longer and discusses in more depth the phenomenon of the so-called mass psychosis, which unfortunately answers the rest of the questions why the majority succumbed, but shows a positive way out of it.
And that's exactly what we've been talking about for two years A healthy forum we try
I definitely recommend spending 20 minutes of your time and watching the whole video at your leisure.

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26 comments "Why do so many people still believe covid lies?"

  1. Between 1970 and 2020, 1312 athletes died of cardiac arrest, but between 2021 and 2022, 1598 died of cardiac arrest.. Of course, it has nothing to do with "vaccination"
    Note that there is nothing wrong with the politicians and the top promoters, always only the victims they forced it on!

    1. It is true that the increase in population since the 70s should also be smoothed out. but the fact that there are more deaths in one year than in 50 years is already a testimony to something! The number of deaths instead of the minimum number of children is misinterpreted - in our village, the number of deaths seems to be average, but the number of births is exactly half! Social engineering and sterilization! In times of misery, poverty will welcome resources from inheritance, so nobody's shit! And that's the plan!

  2. I would like to add here "new" (for us old, because we KNOW it for a long time) additional information about false saving covid "vaccines" and covid pLandemia.
    Here is an interview with Soňa Pekova, from 10.1.2023, the first 10-15 minutes are enough, everything will be clear even to the "vaccinated":

    And young people everywhere, absolutely EVERYWHERE, including athletes, die of cardiac arrest, the media is silent..:

    The last two years will collectively be referred to in history textbooks as the years of dead athletes, and why? At least 1 of them died suddenly during this time. And in 011 athletes, they found serious heart problems, including cardiac arrest.

    = It occurred to me, and NOT once, that all these "people" who die and have problems after the covid "vaccines" probably did not pass the IQ test given to them by world governments, and are therefore "slowly" eliminated from the gene pool?..

    And the US CDC is desperately trying to hide the data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): because it clearly shows that these injections are deadly and should never have been authorized or approved..:

    And new research published in the journal Circulation shows that teens and young adults who get "vaccinated" often have heart attacks afterward:

    Harvard Medical School researchers looked at a cohort of children who were hospitalized between January 2021 and February 2022 at Massachusetts General Hospital or Boston Children's Hospital for developing myocarditis after vaccination. The research team found that these individuals had "significantly increased levels of the full-length spike protein" in their blood, which was "unbound by antibodies".

    And soon there will be another reason to choose vegetarian food or meat from local trusted sources: because the meat industry is about to launch a massive rollout of mRNA vaccines - which will be regularly administered to cattle, chickens, pigs, goats and other farm animals!

    As we have seen in humans, mRNA injections can:
    Circulate throughout the body and end up in the blood and organs.
    Cause the body to produce toxic proteins that can have toxic effects.
    Block arteries and eventually kill or injure a person through a stroke or heart attack.
    Change chromosomes and cause permanent genetic changes in the organism.

    = Again you have to think why are they doing this? No animal died of co*covid. But I looked up information about how zoos around the world vaccinate their animals, and one zoo after another is giving their animals this "covid vaccination", for the animals.. Food? You can grow your own but soon you will be breaking the rules if you sell it to the public, abroad it is already starting. The noose tightens around our necks. After all, we are already seeing this even with the fake "bird flu" in the Czech Republic!

  3. January 11, 2023, additional facts and findings=

    1) DNA from AstraZeneca's non-mRNA covid "vaccine" was found in vital organs of recipients! So, after much political wrangling, the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has finally managed to obtain records of covid "vaccines" from the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency (MHRA) showing that AstraZeneca's viral vector injection spreads DNA in the body recipient.
    Records show that the biodistribution capability of AstraZeneca's injection includes everything from the sciatic nerves to the bone marrow, liver, lungs and spleen. In short, the content of the injection does not remain localized at the injection site, as is still claimed.

    2) excess mortality above the 5-year average recorded in England and Wales, when in the last week of 2022 it already exceeds 20%!

    3) FROM PFIZER HISTORY - DON'T FORGET: Pfizer Drug Trial That Killed 11 Nigerian Children Reveals KILLING Experiments by Big Pharmas! An unauthorized trial of an experimental meningitis drug by Pfizer in 1996 on 200 Nigerian children still haunts the world 27 years later. According to analysts, the Nigerian case showed how foreign drug trials are often unregulated, dangerous and unreliable..:

    4) FROM THE PFIZER HISTORY - DON'T FORGET 2: Pfizer manipulated studies to convince doctors to prescribe the seizure drug Neurontin for off-label use. A New York Times investigation claimed that off-label uses of Neurontin, which Pfizer heavily promoted, helped boost sales of the drug to nearly $3 billion a year before it lost patent protection in 2004 due to illegal promotion of off-label uses.
    And Pfizer has also suppressed other research that would disprove its claims about Neurontin's purported usefulness in treating other conditions = WHO ELSE IS SURPRISED BY THIS TODAY?…

  4. "Try to keep your health, and you will do better the less you avoid doctors, for their medicines are a kind of alchemy, about which there are as many books as there are medicines. – Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

    In every photo taken inside the hospital, everyone is wearing masks - as if they are all setting a good example. On the contrary, mask wearers show their ignorance and gross stupidity.

    Not so long ago, doctors claimed that smoking was good for the lungs. Now they claim that vaccination is good for the body. Overall, I would guess that history will show that the first mistake was no more damaging than the second. If pro-vaxxers truly believed that vaccines were safe and effective, they would be prepared to debate their beliefs. However, they do not want to discuss, so they clearly know that vaccination is a fraud!

    1. yes, Boyka… the self-appointed so-called “god” of Zion is a liar and a murderer “from the beginning”; proof of this is his "holy" bible - history proceeds exactly according to his bloody plan. And where is the Truth? She remained nailed to the cross. And that is why it is necessary to SEARCH for it diligently - literally like a needle in a haystack. I identify with the last 2 words, which say absolutely EVERYTHING:

      1. Thanks, but it's been two years on Vaers and no one cares... Who wants to see, who doesn't, it's pointless - I haven't played charts for a year now...

        1. You're right, that's the crazy part.. I still don't understand one thing, as you yourself have stated (more than once) and with which I fully agree = WHY SOME SEE IT AND OTHERS DON'T?!

          More and more people who have criticized all the "anti-vaxxers, rejecters (and I don't know who else) from the beginning and who have demonized, ridiculed and despised, have now begun to spread similar ideas that they condemned us for almost three years ago.
          Doctors and journalists who said nothing about the fake pandemic and who attacked others for exposing the truth about the dangers of vaccinations now write articles and make videos as if they found out on their own that lockdowns, masks and experimental vaccinations are a bad thing.

          Well, it's too damn late! The savior covid vaccines have already done damage. The battlefield moved on. We are now fighting (for our lives) to protect cash. If we lose the battle for cash, we lose everything..

  5. https://youtu.be/ObSgZNefoCc

    With pilots and athletes, this problem with vaccines is most pronounced and especially dangerous in aviation. Prosecution of pharmaceutical companies and their owners is therefore necessary, as well as their helpers in governments. Professional independent teams of doctors should begin to deal intensively with this problem. It is already quite alarming that classical medicine cannot overcome its conservative wall of understanding the nature of the human being

  6. It was said/written everywhere that the covids will stop and somewhere they are still fighting about it until now..
    And why did the death rate from fuckcins rise after they became widespread around the world?

    And the growing body of evidence that co*covid “vaccines” are maiming and killing people.. Some have already asked this question: Do other vaccines do this too? They are all full of toxins like mercury and aluminum…

    And everything from smallpox to polio to measles—and now covid-XNUMX—has been linked to the fear of people getting vaccinated.
    Overall, vaccines represent one of the best growing profit areas. Because of the corruption in the system, it is possible to make a vaccine against almost anything, get rid of responsibility and mandate it to the population.

    And the covid saving vaccine?! A chapter in itself. They cause more side effects than all the other vaccines combined, and the funniest thing is that you actually get sick and still have what is called “covid-19” – whatever that is. And it does not avoid serious illness or even death 🙂

    And why did they everywhere resort to tyranny + oppression against people to force them to inject experimental substances? What is behind it? And why all of a sudden and in a short time all over the world and more doses and more..

    And Rasmussen recently conducted a survey that showed the popularity of vaccines among the public is declining. FOR ALL VACCINES! More and more people are skeptical not only of the vaccine against covid nonsense, but also of other vaccines.. And strange diseases that appeared out of nowhere, began to be associated in people's minds with vaccines (E.G. IN CHILDREN VS THE INCREASE OF AUTISM YEAR BY YEAR BIGGER AND BIGGER!) + and pLandemia helped open more people's eyes.

    =To make a long story short, there is a huge group of people here, many of whom have been told they must be vaccinated in order to continue going to school or working. Now they are completely alienated from the idea of ​​leaning on anything again. And it is this growing group that may tip the scales against the vaccine industry over the years.
    And pharmaceutical companies are also not benefiting from the constant publication of data showing that since the introduction of co*covidj vaccination, the damage caused by vaccination is literally massive. While governments, health authorities and pharmaceutical companies hoped to increase people's trust in them, the fraud pandemic has achieved the exact opposite. Fewer and fewer people believe them. I SEE IT ALL AROUND ME. And that's great news!=

    1. In India (and indeed throughout the East), various diseases have been treated with natural means for a very long time, when in Europe people still lived in caves.

      Western medicine is based mainly on the drug business. She only CURES and cures until death but never CURES to make the medicine business work forever. Your health depends solely on your diet and lifestyle.

  7. And just like last year, legislative changes occur just before/after Christmas, because people also want a moment of peace and not to be constantly on the lookout..”

      1. HAPPY TO JOIN, I'll try to answer sooner:
        Well, it started a few days ago (mid-December) with the ban on raising chickens outside (in the open air), when the European RED II directive apparently wants to limit/ban even wood heating (because of the false science around CO2, they already had "scientific studies" drawn up and everything around).
        And they quietly pushed through the imposition of a CO2 tax – on real estate heating and on all transport! (according to "Fit for 55", when EU legislators agreed early on Sunday 18 December to introduce a carbon price for buildings and road transport fuels, and at the same time a new social fund to fight climate change of 87 billion euros was set up, which is designed to ease the impact on households and help them invest in green solutions. The new carbon price will apply to petrol, diesel and heating fuels such as natural gas, whose climate-warming emissions have continued to rise over the years despite attempts to decarbonise).

        =The prices of heating fuels such as gas, heating oil and coal will also rise, at the expense of poorer EU member states that are more dependent on dirty fossil fuels. "Citizens in the EU have to count on much higher CO2 prices," explained Michael Bloss, a green lawmaker who participated in the final negotiations on the ETS.=

        And that's why CO2 taxes will also be imposed on heating offices and factories.
        And they will push the digital euro and deepen inflation and banking identity, not long ago there was an article (not only on the list) regarding "the most socially acceptable price for inflation (in the Czech Republic) is the confiscation of the savings of a large part of the population."
        And already min. are preparing the population for the inevitability of the adoption of the "DIGITAL" Euro and DIGITAL IDENTITY, CITIZENSHIP (e.g. in the case of authorities, they want officials to be transferred to Home Office positions and official matters will be discussed with citizens remotely using bank identities and mobile phones - which is what the Pirates are preparing in the Czech Republic , where identity cards are to be moved to mobile phones together with bank identity etc.!!).

        == This is an introduction to Total Control, a digital company ==

        "After marathon negotiations, negotiators agreed to start pricing carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels in road transport and heating in 2027, with a price cap of €45 per tonne of carbon emitted until 2030."

        And not only that, the owners of apartments and buildings will also be forced to start buying carbon emission allowances. They are such new forms of property ownership tax disguised as ecological gibberish.

        == No chickens, no wood, no chickens, no cash, no heat, no savings, no car, no job… on unconditional income as a slave. It is only a matter of time before they start imposing emission taxes on arable land by acreage, on chicken farms by pieces, on forest owners by the area of ​​afforestation intended for firewood extraction.

        And they are doing the same as in 2020. They will create a cause, a fuss and a scare about the virus, they will drive the chickens into lockdowns and the small breeders will lay down in the lockdowns and the big breeders with indoor farms will strengthen and control the market and then the price will increase because the chicken will become a luxury limited food. It's just a repeat of what we saw in the 2020s through early 2022 on humans. The terror of restriction with the aim of the Great Reset of everything, people, food, transport, employment and especially people's thinking.==

        1. I guess I thought the same way. Just like with covid psychosis, when they approve everything in secret, preferably at night, and the media only publish what they are told not to say

        2. They are incredibly diligent in figuring out how to destroy humanity. It is pure evil and it will eventually be defeated, but we must move towards Good.

  8. After four months of validity, Austria officially canceled the obligation to "vaccinate" against the idiocy of co*covid, saying that "it is no longer necessary from a medical or constitutional point of view".
    I will add that in February, Austria became the first country in Europe to introduce this mandatory "vaccination" for all persons over the age of 18, when it was the most extensive obligation and did not contain any exceptions for adults.
    And the original plan assumed that people who refuse "vaccination" will face a fine of up to 3 euros.
    Well, Austrian legislators were prevented from effectively enforcing the mandate by many obstacles.
    Primarily, however, the public's massive resistance against the threat to its freedom, and not only health, when min. 13% of the population will never be "vaccinated" (slowly killed), not even under the threat of a mandate! All these free people refused to pay the fine and the law enforcement authorities in Austria refused to enforce the mandate. Because of all these problems, the legislators decided to suspend the enforcement of the mandate!!!

    And that's about it. About people. There are millions of us, there are tens of them. Our true strength lies only in being informed and connected!!

    "As a government, we have decided to cancel the vaccination mandate," Rauch said at a press conference in Vienna where he announced the government's decision. “From now on we have to live with the co*covid (fraud)... Living with the co*covid means that we will present a comprehensive package of new measures, and that today means the abolition of compulsory vaccination. Because of mandatory vaccination, no one gets vaccinated."

    AN ADDENDUM that won't even surprise anyone anymore..CDC deliberately withheld from the public the truth that co*covid idiocy vaccines cause fatal blood clots:

  9. The campaign is starting and they have been pouring out one article after another for about a week. The vaccination campaign will be big, so far it's just getting started. Total silence reigns, only hygienists, doctors and the Hogwarts War. And China called the EU Titanic 🙂

    1. They can start as they like, the question is how many ignorant players will be left for their vaccination game.
      Hand on heart! Any person who has seen through the vaccination, government coercive crap, and outright lies about vaccine safety can, with a clear conscience, send any useful idiot in the role of sanitation worker or doctor who will continue to promote and force the "safe mRNA vaccine" once for always to hell..

  10. As I have mentioned more than once, unfortunately, most people are stupid, degenerate and without their own judgment. They did it all themselves. And they will do it again.. I don't feel sorry for them at all, even if it also affects part of my family.
    The only thing that bothers me about the whole "thing" is that they involve children in it. The most precious thing we have and what we must protect!! That's the only thing that makes me sad about this worldwide scam..
    But I did the most important thing. Protect yourself and your immediate family, including your mom. Nothing more can be done. I advise everyone to do the same. Those who are still sleeping are dangerous to wake up. Don't try that again. For peace of mind, always remember that you did your best. Think of yourself and your family first. This is more than important now..

    So far it's all been a walk in the park, I kept telling myself that the worst is behind us, but the worst is yet to come.. We must stick together, the last remnant of humanity with an intact mind, we will not be controlled, we will not be enslaved.

    Somehow, the idea works in the universe, all you have to do is want...when everything bad happens just in "their" reality, not in ours. They will not defeat us, be strong, send only positive energy around you, prepare well mentally for everything that may come and don't let yourself be defeated. Be strong, remember you are not alone in this fight!
    Nothing is over. It's still happening. He keeps lying. He is still being manipulated. All politics is only theatre, all states are theatre.

    “Give me liberty or give me death” – Patrick Henry

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