How many more Alexs like that…?

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Being a dad myself, I have to share this story that happened in America a few days ago and it really touched me. The helplessness must be unimaginable…

Alex was born in Washington state with a relatively common congenital heart defect that is routinely operated on today with a 95% success rate, but the operation required a blood transfusion.

In 2021, the child's parents had a close family friend die of a heart attack shortly after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. By all accounts, their friend was healthy, and her death raised fears for the parents about the safety of the mRNA vaccine.
Due to these experiences, the parents wanted to make sure that little Alex would have unvaccinated blood for the transfusion. So they found a suitable donor through a member of their church and paid for Alex to receive blood from that donor.

But when it came time for the hospital to begin transfusions, doctors and nurses claimed they were unable to find the unvaccinated donor blood the parents had procured. Therefore, they took blood from the hospital's general supply without the parents' consent.

But doctors and nurses reassured the parents that little Alex would be fine, telling them that babies rarely, if ever, get blood clots.

Shortly after the transfusion, Alex developed a massive blood clot. The blood clot stretched from the knee to the heart.

The hospital changed their mind and said that babies have blood clots all the time and that it is completely normal.

Little Alex was put on the highest dose of blood thinners possible for his age and size, but the blood clot did not dissolve at all.

Twelve days later, little Alex sadly died as a result of a massive blood clot.

Sacred Heart Children's Hospital is said to now even claim there is no record of little Alex being at the hospital - despite a wealth of evidence, including photographs, medical bills and a death certificate...

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17 comments "How many more Alexs like that…?"

  1. The mother of this child (in the video below) had the toxic covid vaccine administered to him. And then the side effects started. You can see his condition well on the video... HOW MANY CHILDREN ARE STILL NEEDED?

    APPLICATION of the life-saving covid vaccine:


    1. And to make matters worse.. A two-year-old child died the day after he was administered this “vaccine”+ at the same time against the flu..:

      “..a child from New Hampshire received both vaccinations on December 15, 2022. It received one dose of Moderna's COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and a second dose of GlaxoSmithKline's quadrivalent Flulaval vaccine. The girl died the following day, December 16, 2022, without being hospitalized. Her death was reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on December 19, 2022 – three days after her death…”

      HOW MANY CHILDREN STILL NEED TO BE SACRIFICED?! What I find puzzling is why governments, especially after ordering these experimental, lethal injections, don't make autopsies mandatory? If they were really about safety and security, one would think that they would be mandatory and that their results would be published.

    1. Of course it's not normal...
      And if you are concerned with size, measure how far the baby is from the knee to the heart - it can be about 10-15 cm, which is really not much.

  2. Off topic, but..: SAFE AND EFFECTIVE = Deaths according to VAERS from 1990 to December 9, 2022:

    = The saving "vaccine" (gene therapy) can be seen there. They involuntarily agreed to commit suicide. More numbers will rise as the vaccine works for the rest.

  3. The Israeli Ministry of Health yesterday in court: “We cannot find a signed contract with Pfizer. Is gone."
    - It is here. They cheated, lied and killed with vaccines and now when it comes to breaking bread they can't find contracts. But of course the corona circus goes on together with the big reset.

    Young children are 100x more likely to die after just 1 “vaccine” within 8 months (UK data)
    It's not a mistake ~Dr. Mark Trozzi

  4. Pfizer has admitted that mRNA injections are suitable for gene editing, link directly to Shajr:

    "MRNA technology is suitable for gene editing. We only want to produce these editing proteins for a short time to edit the genome. And transient production of editing enzymes helps limit the possibility of off-target effects. Final quote.” - Seng Cheng, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer's Rare Disease Research Unit.

    Pfizer states on its website that its mRNA injections are suitable for gene editing because they are gene editing. CONFIRMED = IT IS GENE THERAPY..

  5. ​"It's cold and you have no way to pay for the heating? Grab a sweater, we'll lead by example. With a base salary of min. 100 gross, we meet in a T-shirt and we have no problem with the winter or with what we pay for heating and housing.​"

  6. !Virginia hospitals are full, nearly every room including the emergency room is occupied, and even portable beds in the hallways are becoming the norm for overflow patients. As investigative reporters and journalists have witnessed, several hospitals in Virginia's major cities are full to capacity, so that not only is every room occupied, but along the walls of long corridors many portable beds are lined with patients and numbered ... every room and even corridors occupied by portable cots… is the vaccine spike protein apocalypse beginning in a big way?

    Patients complain of chest pains, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing and other symptoms that appear to be related to spike protein syndrome, a critical illness caused by millions of prions that clog the vascular system and strain the heart and cleansing organs. Big Pharmas have raked in the money while patients sleep on beds in the corridors of major hospitals where a fraud epidemic is raging.

    As a result of the "surge" of diseases, there is a shortage of hospital beds throughout Virginia, including for hospitalization of children. For example, Children's Hospital of Richmond reports that it is operating at more than 95 percent capacity. Could it be related to a weakened immune system due to co*covid injections and "boosters"? Since the toxic co*covid injections were given to teenagers and children, there has been an increase in hospitalizations of children. It looks like the protein apocalypse is about to begin. How much worse can the condition of hospitals get?

    Looks like it's time to blame the damn video games, referee whistles and cold showers again..

  7. The vaccinated and strengthened "foodblogger" celebrated the death of the unvaccinated, she died of "sudden cardiac arrest" (I remind you that all the links that I publish in the discussions, see below - I always put them like this in order to speed up the publication of comments. Just copy and open / paste them in the browser ..)

    = here we have another of those who railed against the unvaccinated (single and non-genetically modified individuals) and those who refuse to wear masks (the sign of a slave). She herself wished them dead, thinking that with her two gene bees and booster, she was probably immortal. Until then, a perfectly healthy YOUNG woman died like so many others recently - SUDDENLY AND UNEXPECTEDLY..
    And on October 23, three days before Julie Powell's death, she announced in her last tweet that she woke up with a black tongue (a proven "side" effect and result of a toxic injection).
    “So I woke up with what was literally a black hairy tongue. People, including my doctor, seem to think it's no big deal and it will go away soon.'

    "Influential food blogger Julie Powell, who celebrated the death of "anti-vaxxers", died suddenly of cardiac arrest. The 49-year-old blogger died on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at her home in Olivebridge, upstate New York.”

    Julie also revealed on Twitter in mid-September that she was "infected with Covid" for the second time.

  8. I don't even know what to write 🙁 because as you stated the drive: Everything has been said - everything has been written

  9. I would be interested in the statement of prof. Chlíbka and Smejkala to the aforementioned evidence and facts about the toxicity of the mRNA solution for the covid disease, because obviously their interest in injecting this crap into all children is already unreal and continues boldly. Colonel Chlíbek probably received an order from his superiors in the USA, and as a "proper soldier" he duly fulfilled it. End of fun.

    If Chlíbek only refers to corrupt organizations such as the CDC, EMA, EC, WHO and others and does not take into account the statements of independent Czech and foreign scientists and doctors who, even from their own experience, describe the damage to people with the mRNA solution, which they still call the vaccination vaccine vaccine, so it won't go well for him. Injured people will let him "eat" it over time, when the state coughs up compensation.

    What is the value of these two gentlemen in life, that even after the fatal consequences of the spike toxin, their propaganda does not stop? Human greed is like a drug, so either it's regularly stuffed envelopes with money or just fear and pure cowardice to stand up to lobbyist pharmaceutical pressure from abroad.

  10. Covid vaccines cause leukocytes to eat a hole in the aorta (heart artery), warns Dr. Cole-
    Dr Ryan Cole: "That spike protein, literally causing the lymphocytes to chew a hole in the aorta, this is the biggest blood vessel in your body, coming off your heart, when that ruptures, you're gone in minutes." pic.

    "The history of covid is that they have fooled most people and caused great social and health harm by using the control they had over health and regulatory authorities to mandate quasi-mandatory and highly profitable mRNA vaccinations."

  11. The situation is far worse.
    Matt Taylor is an engineer living in a gated community in Ecuador. This community is in one of the least vaccinated regions on the planet. No one from his community is vaccinated, no one has ever been tested, they have their own water source, their own BIO food, they live in an EMF-free environment (they don't have 5G or wifi, etc.).

    17 out of 20 people from whom he took a blood sample and observed it under a microscope had exactly what the vaccinated have in their blood. (clots, graphene fibers, self-assembling nano structures, stuck blood cells)

    And these people shed it into the environment - they found it in their urine and also in their menstrual blood.

    Exactly the same is confirmed by Dr. Ana Mihalcea: "Most unvaccinated people have it in their blood and don't even know it."

    Source: expert video conference from 15.11.2022/01/17 (time in video from 22:XNUMX:XNUMX)

  12. The whole thing is a MASSACRE because seriously the children's hospital claims there is no record of the hospital stay - despite loads of evidence including photos, medical bills and a death certificate!! That is parents and others have a real documented case!

    “I also lost my job because of this time-consuming ordeal because I couldn't work while I was in the hospital hundreds of miles from home. "
    “The latest development in this case is that my wife has contacted Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane, Washington and they say they cannot find any record of our son. We all know why they would want to delete records. A lawsuit is on the horizon as soon as I find a good lawyer.”

    I would like to add that today it makes no sense to flaunt studies that are good for OČKO or NEOČKO, of which there are perhaps dozens already. FACTS matter, not cagey academic bullshit. I will add more REAL info here:

    0) If anyone is interested, the statistics for October should have been published today (not yet, if the publication schedule is followed, it will probably be added later):

    So, Eurostat is already spreading "disinformation", "conspiracy theories" and "Putin's propaganda", see below:

    1) Germany - death statistics from 2016 to 2022, here:

    "Data published by Dr. Jane Orient, MD, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Unless there is a major war or some cataclysmic event of natural origin that kills people where they are standing, such deviations from the observed average of sudden unexpected deaths over decades simply do not occur. So something very significant had to happen in 2021 that extends into 2022."

    2) PH111 vaccine for pregnant women – infection of the unborn fetus:
    "Pfizer has announced that it will release a new vaccine called PH111 that will be given specifically to pregnant women and will immunize the newborn baby while still in the womb"

    =And what have we anti-vaxxers/conspiracists ("translate" as needed) been saying all along? That they will want to force the graphene into us no matter what happens. Infection with toxicosis from vaccines is just a prelude. I have also written more than once that one day we will see when they will inject it directly into the fetus of still pregnant mothers so that no one escapes.=

    3) What was found in the vaccines and the blood of the vaccinated (P. Rédová):

    "They found metal bodies: celsium, potassium, cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium, gadolinium, silicon, aluminum. Some of them are highly toxic, or toxic in high doses. For example: Barium - in soluble form, toxic to humans - blocks passive potassium channels in the cell membrane, this leads to impaired muscle cell function and a lack of potassium in the blood, because potassium remains in the cells in an increased amount."

    4) The number of millennial deaths increased by another 36 percent in August. The number, which described how many people aged 25 to 44 are dying, adds up to an 84% increase during the last four months of 2021: elevated-millennial-deaths-year-since-introduction-forced-vaccines-36-august/

    5) And in hyper-stabbed Australia, vaccinated people die “incredibly fast”:

    "Australia Announces Alarming and 'Unbelievably High' 13% Excess Mortality in 2022."

    6) +And meanwhile he died suddenly already !!THIRD!! journalist in Qatar:

    "He died suddenly while filming a report on the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar"
    "Roger Pearce's departure comes ahead of US journalist Grant Wahl's and Khalid al-Misslam's 48-year-old football analyst collapsed suddenly at the Lusail Iconic Stadium

    7) +And Dr. Cole receives placentas from women who have been “vaccinated with the co*covid vaccine” that are inflamed, calcified and full of spiked protein: spike-protein-video/

    8) +And Senator Johnson's roundtable shocks the world again: data shows =vaccines= "have 26% higher mortality rate": reveals-at-sen-ron-johnsons-roundtable/

    ==And also note that a significant number of those injected received a harmless placebo..==

    1. So the October excess mortality has already come out too:

      "After peaking at 26,5% in November 2021, EU excess mortality increased in October 2022 compared to the previous month"

      "Germany, recorded excess mortality of 23,0%."

      "Several Member States saw a higher increase in excess mortality in 2022 compared to the previous year"

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