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Allow me a little sci-fi writer's reflection today.

Imagine that you are a really rich and powerful person. I'm not talking about the people who are tossed around as "billionaires" in Forbes for the masses to talk about and dream about - I mean, when you're really rich and powerful - like the groups that control the world's biggest banks, media houses and biggest companies that literally owns, thanks to debts, the entire state economy and thus the entire country.
You don't care about money anymore and you have so much power that you can do whatever you want, so you and a few others like you decide that a little social engineering would be good.

Because the Green deal and other stupid things were unleashed by you, only so that the money from oil would flow into other technologies and that another false threat would hang over humanity, because you know very well that this is no way to really save the planet. And the only threat is that there are simply too many people in the world...
Everything in large quantities is harmful and in the end it doesn't really matter if the straw is paper or plastic. There just can't be that many of them...

Well, the only rational way out of this is to reduce the population "a little". But how to make sure it's not so fast again and there's no panic (plus someone has to clean up the dead) and so it's not completely slow again?

So how to do it?

The ideal would be for people to tear off your hands themselves, as if they wanted to take something deadly themselves. So it is important to create a need - a demand.
How about finding (producing) some harmless disease, which can be sold well in the media and which can be a little dangerous for some selected people, so that a few people really die?
And then fear and our media will do the rest and people will clamor for their dose...

But for that you need:
1) Control the world's largest media and media houses from which everyone receives news - WE HAVE
2) Long-term decimation of education, science and raising a blind and unthinking generation - WE HAVE we do it through the media, the film and music industry, science grants, social networks, non-profits…
3) Install stupid and omnipotent political puppets in key government positions and world organizations - WE HAVE – we support and push them for a long time through various non-profit organizations. As soon as one becomes impossible, it is not a problem to replace it with another, and people are happy with the apparent choice...
4) We need a corruption system that lubricates itself with money and everyone in the chain can wet their beak - WE HAVE – it will be an ideal trade for everyone
5) Debt families and entire states as much as possible to private multinational banks. – DONE
6) Systematically undermine the natural bonds in families and friends and pit them against each other - WE HAVE - DIVIDED
7) Eliminate the national sovereignty of countries, support artificial migration and support globalization - WE HAVE - DONE and they thank you for it
8) Anyone who happens to speak up, we must neutralize them immediately in the media and "professionally" - WE HAVE – we control the media and have corrupt experts and "truth checkers" with grants and non-profits.

And won't it cost us a lot of money?

That's the best part - it WON'T! And we'll still make money from it. That system will be great at financing itself, and money will be the perfect lubricant.

And when it all starts, we will create such media chaos that no one will know what to believe. We'll throw in some utter nonsense from time to time - like chips in vaccines to discredit any opposition.
Also, different batches of vaccines need to be of different dangers so that no pattern of side effects is easily traced, and the effects are so diverse that they manifest in different parts of the body and nothing seems to connect them at all.
And when, after some time, people stop believing and would almost open their eyes (like in two years) - a new problem will appear, to which all previous problems will boil down. For example, an artificially unleashed war, a climate threat, terrorism... and so on and on.

And in the meantime, people will slowly die and fewer and fewer children will be born - who would notice in a war, right.
And in case anyone noticed, we're going to lead the deaths of that insidious disease, global warming, our naysayers... it doesn't matter what the truth is, when you own the media, people just believe you ANYTHING.

Then we will unleash complete economic chaos. When it ends, the money will be entirely new anyway - digital central credits. So what - let's throw in fistfuls! Everything will change anyway.
But even before we eliminate the money, because thanks to the incredible indebtedness of the states, it is completely devalued anyway, we have to deprive people of the only valuable thing they still have - land and real estate.

Through speculation, fear and deliberately bad political decisions, we will raise energy prices in such a way that it will be completely unbearable for people to hold real estate, and those who happen to be able to withstand the onslaught will end up with a real estate tax, from which there is no escape.

And finally, when there are orders of magnitude fewer people left on Earth, the rest will not need nearly as much electricity, food and raw materials, so it actually makes sense to build solar power plants, to push for electric cars, because those who will eventually drive them will only be a small percentage and it will be manageable. In addition, everything will be "for a reward" - only for regular and compliant citizens.

The best part will be how many people will serve us all the time - either out of their naivety and stupidity, because they will really believe it, or some completely selfishly for career, money, or the most stupid ones will foolishly think that we will take them in. And the rest will do everything out of fear and remain silent.

And that he will eventually figure it out and everything will explode? 

It does not matter. After all, we own the media and history is written by the winners.
In addition, we will be heroes to the survivors for having saved the planet from collapse, but mainly there will be such a drastic restriction of freedom of movement and food supplies that it will not be a problem to control the remaining "handful" of people and, moreover, many of them will be happy to join us again, because they will again naively think that we will take them together again...

And the biggest advantage of such a science fiction plan is the correction of its complete insanity, which no sane person will believe.
So it won't be a problem at all if we say such things publicly at conferences and write books about it - no one will believe it anyway.

Well, nothing, it's just a science fiction story - never in history has it happened that someone tried to exterminate a nation under the guise of ideology...

And as they say, the Devil's best trick is to convince people that he doesn't exist…

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36 comments "What if…"

  1. It is said that a beautiful new pandemic is being prepared for 2025, it should be called SEERS. It will be mainly aimed at children and very young people, the disease should be close to polio.. Apparently covid 19 was not so successful and did not scare enough. Bill Gates and WHO simulated the next pandemic in 2025, which has a working name of "Catastrophic Contagion", the covid was called Event 201. So if covid failed, we will reach out to your children.. What will the parents do??

    1. Nothing new. But this is clear to anyone who reads at least a little bit of alternative information. It actually started when children's medicines disappeared. Gates himself recently said that it will become the subject of attention of all mankind.. And in fact, he is quite excited

    2. "Another pandemic" is coming, said Gates, according to whom more censorship of "disinformation" is needed...
      (Bill Gates Tells Al Jazeera How To Prepare For The 'Next Pandemic' And 'To Moderate Some Of The Insanity' Online)

      A short excerpt of the mess:
      It's not a question of "if, but when," Gates revealed, warning that people and governments must "actively prepare" (for another round of global tyranny!) that will surely eclipse the past.
      "Next time we will have factories that will be able to produce [vaccines] much faster."
      "So we'll have enough supplies so prioritization won't matter because we'll cover everyone."
      "Governments are there to protect us..."
      "We are choosing how to strengthen the WHO - to create a special organization dedicated to pandemics."

      Gaťes added that all old people should always be vaccinated first - before this time, next time. According to him, young people should get the injection after all the older people have rolled up their sleeves.

      And of course it's just a coincidence that he's invested billions in more vaccines that will kill and maim millions of people.
      And they should send this freak to India to face murder charges because Gates has a warrant out there for murder!!


      And do you remember the final scenes of the original Frankenstein movie? Enraged townspeople converged on the windmill where the enemy was cowering. People armed themselves with whatever they had at hand…mostly shovels, pitchforks and torches. The windmill was set on fire and…….

    1. The WEF calls for an end to agriculture, the WEF calls for a reduction in vehicles... how about the people calling on the WEF to pull the plug already.

  2. In the background of everything and soon if we let it flow. full control over the team, how much we have, how much we can have in the account, how much we can spend, money limited by time. Checking the carbon footprint, they will check what we buy, where and how much. Everything will be checked repeatedly. Everything will be linked to social credit and biometric data.
    Shall we buy alcohol or something less healthy? They will raise our health insurance premiums. Did we write something bad about the system or the government? They will take our credits.

    !They need the crash caused by the war and what they are doing now - food shortages by governments buying up fields, farm machinery and businesses and artificially creating shortages. Then they will suffocate us for several months to get the goy to the bottom, and as a solution I will offer my =great= reset!

    Pope Francis: Agenda 2030 must stand on ethics and ecological conversion: https://www.vaticannews.va/sk/papez/news/2019-03/konferencia-nabozenstva-udrzatelny-rozvoj-agenda-2030.html

    1. SAO PAOLO METROPOLITAN AREA, Metropolis: 90-01288.30-405 021-0100, Paolo
      (Conference of 26 June 1985 by Pope John Paul II)

      Below are 16 Articles of the Roman Catholic Church, published at a meeting presided over by His Holiness POPE JOHN PAVEL II. at a conference on June 26, 1985 held in KENYA, AFRICA. This document of the sixteen articles of the church will be presented again in all countries of the world by next year, especially during the Pope's visit to the Philippines, for immediate implementation in the very near future.
      The original can be found on the blog - Chanalogue

      ARTICLE 01 - NOBODY will henceforth have access to the postal service without a number.
      ARTICLE 02 – NO ONE shall be employed in any office factory unless he has a number.
      ARTICLE 03 – NO STUDENT shall be registered in any school or university without the students or parents having a number.
      ARTICLE 04 – NO ONE shall be able to SELL OR BUY or plant trees or vegetables without a number.
      ARTICLE 05 - Any soul that DOES NOT FIT this social section CANNOT SHOP or do business without a number.
      ARTICLE 06 – NOBODY may deposit OR WITHDRAW and carry out transactions in any bank without a number.
      ARTICLE 07 – Anyone who does not recognize or deny the Articles of Union shall be severely punished with DEATH.
      ARTICLE 08 - A person who does not have a number will not be allowed to TRAVEL here or abroad.
      ARTICLE 09 - ECUMENICAL CHURCHES decide to hold services only after approval of numbers.
      ARTICLE 10 - IMPORT AND EXPORT of any goods or products shall be carried out only according to their number.
      ARTICLE 11 - There shall be an INTERNATIONAL MONETARY system to be established after the numbers are approved.
      ARTICLE 13 - POVERTY will be changed to BETTER LIFE (if you have a number)
      ARTICLE 14 - NO ONE shall be permitted to hunt for food or catch fish in the sea, lake or ocean without a number.
      ARTICLE 15 – ALL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS OF THE WORLD shall be allowed to operate by numbers only.
      ARTICLE 16 - NO PERSON shall be admitted to any hospital or treatment facility without a number.
      (Signed) POPE JOHN PAVEL II
      (Reprinted in original form with permission)

      1. Do not accept the computer mark, the bar code that is 666. (See Rev. 13:1-18)
      2. Read (Rev. 14:9-11; 16;2 6;2)
      3 For studies at the time of termination; read Matthew 24.2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel 7:21-27, Matthew 10:28-31, Rev. 9:4-5

      1. And wouldn't there be a link to verify??? You can spout any nonsense and spread it further... This is how gossips and conspiracies are made, excellent..

  3. Quite obvious to anyone watching the deliberate destruction of our country and way of life. We're going to need a clean break with these psychopaths to keep our sane way of life going.
    Why are they STILL lying? Think critically or perish these days.
    And many of those great institutions, businesses, and entities founded by conservatives and followers of the Judeo-Christian ethic have very often been betrayed by their descendants and heirs who were the recipients of the philanthropy of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Then they wouldn't recognize their founders.
    What are our famous leaders doing? They have intensified the propaganda for both covid and Ukrainian lies to the point that most people don't know what to believe anymore.

  4. Brilliantly summarized, absolutely accurately described. It's just that when I read certain comments here, I can't help but wonder how hard these snorers are trying to prevent themselves from waking up. Could something be wrong? Nah, that's just another conspiracy theory... They said on TV that now there are a lot of them everywhere, you need to maintain a healthy opinion, preferably based on "science"! That can't be true, after all, what would they get out of it, right?

  5. + OFF TOPIC.. But Finland became one of the first countries to reveal evidence that government agencies around the world were committing fraud in reporting co*covid deaths during the (alleged) "pandemic" (that doesn't surprise me).
    LINK: beckernews.com/finland-exposes-massive-covid-reporting-scandal-nearly-40-of-covid-deaths-were-fraudulent-47692/

    This report sheds light on how 'covid-related deaths' have been exaggerated around the world to feed and fuel this mass hysteria.
    And according to Sirkka Goebeler, a senior specialist at the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), co*covid was not the actual cause of death in up to 40 percent of deaths attributed to the disease in Finland (I think almost all of them were not co*covid deaths, on a purported virus that has never been isolated, see Appendix below).
    ==”In approximately 900 cases originally recorded as covid-related deaths, the actual death certificates contain no sign or mention of coronavirus infection at all,” the report added.==

    ADDENDUM: Isolation of this "disease" still does not exist.. And the SARS-CoV-2 virus (as it is officially called) has never been isolated, purified, sequenced, characterized, and its existence has not been proven. No one anywhere in the world has done it. No scientist, no virologist, no Nobel laureate could do it. No study has met the gold standard of Koch's postulates. They all failed. Researchers and scientists (previously) asked more than 90 institutions around the world if they could provide any record describing the isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus taken from a deceased person. Not a single institution was able to provide the records...
    There is only a digital, theoretical, abstract work created on a computer from a genome database. Even the US CDC (previously) admitted that they created a 30 base pair digital virus using 000 base pairs from unpurified samples. That's right… they used a computer for the remaining 37 base pairs. This is called scientific fraud. But Fauci, Gates or any mass media (ČT, Seznam...) didn't say that, did they?!

    Those who claim otherwise are either outright lying or have misunderstood what it means to isolate a virus. Some fact checkers and even researchers believe that isolation means adding something to it - like monkey kidney cells and fetal bovine serum = that is not the scientific definition of isolation!
    All these isolates (which they label as such) are not based on scientific evidence but on lies. Everything is full of other ingredients, like human cells, other "mess" .. In fact, the whole of nature is based on deception, manipulation and lies from day one. And all those high cycle count tests = mean NOTHING!!

    And I will add that to this day even the Czech scientific community does not know the biodistribution data of the Comirnaty 500 vaccine, which means that it is not clear where in the human body the vaccine's mRNA spike proteins are distributed and where they end up... the spike proteins enter the heart cells, the myocardial system , where they cause blood clotting and coagulation in some people, in other people these proteins penetrate into the brain and perform so-called bonding on brain cells.

    !!And horror stories about covid oysters appear almost daily. But the published documents of the Pfizer company only confirm what I have known since 2020!!


    1. since 2020, it has been publicly warned and suppressed that this vaccination against covid-19 will cause health. problems. Including myocarditis, stroke, heart attacks, blood clots, cancer growth, etc. Everyone laughed at it and made fools of the doctors and suppressed the truth
      Today, no serious doctor can deny that this vaccination is responsible for many health problems - including cancer. every doctor who denies these connections has received or is receiving money from one or more pharmaceutical companies. Of course, the massive increase in cancer deaths is blamed on lockouts and the inability of doctors to do what they are paid to do - admit patients, make diagnoses and organize treatment.
      How much longer will doctors continue to give patients this injection, which is already known beyond doubt to do more harm than good, and which will mean that cancer patients who are in remission are more likely to get the disease again?

  6. It is said that something is always happening in the world, but nothing has happened yet

  7. Hello, a few years ago I was looking forward to the time when this system would finally be revealed. And when it actually happened, I can't believe people don't believe it and still make fun of it. I guess we really are at the end of this civilization, when lies are the truth and the truth is punished. Few of us use reason, heart and empathy. Thank you for your contributions ️

  8. How I wish it was just sci-fi…. I think that some things should be taken that way, such as the books 4th industrial revolution and Covid 19 - the big reset. Otherwise one would go crazy.

  9. As a reflection illustrating the way of thinking of a person who does not understand how the world works and is looking for a simple explanation of complex social phenomena, it is fine. Let us look for nothing more in it, nothing more is to be found in it. The world is much more complicated. Fortunately.
    If a story was built around it, maybe a short story or even a low-budget film? From the feedback on FB, I think it could be a success 🙂

    1. All that remains is to wish you that your "complexity of the world" does not surprise you one day and you do not remember this science fiction. 😉

    2. Everything in this world is already controlled by corruption, especially the medical profession where everyone is a traitor to their profession and humanity. but sleep on

  10. It would make sense if the really rich and powerful person was immortal or very long-lived. Why would any mortal who couldn't care less what happens in 50-100 years do this?

    1. They have descendants - of course, they are whole family clans - and this is not a 5-year plan, the way politicians work. This is a plan for generations - undermining education, states, families...
      And now it just came true...

      1. Since you wrote to me in an email regarding the distortion of the count of covid deaths by the statistical office, that "you are presenting to the statistical office more a sleight of hand than an intention" you have made a big leap of opinion. Your assumption is very much on the water in one thing. It assumes that all those who reach important positions are controllable (corruptible). In my opinion, that assumption is very wrong. Likewise, it is nonsense to think that an evil person builds something for his descendants (Vojtěch Jedlička's reaction) without getting anything from it himself. What would he gain from reducing the population? After all, there are fewer subjects who do him (my descendants). There must be something fishy about it, but I'm not sure you've uncovered it…

          1. I would not count on the descendants and other branches of the clan at all... that is not the goal of the activities of these psychopathic individuals, handing over the empire in any physical or spiritual form... that is not what they care about... But that POWER, only the delicious POWER to control, destroy, to tyranny, the ownership of people, the awareness of a perfect overview of others. All this, which for us has no logo, is for a psychopath the meaning of his life, his actions. Otherwise, nothing matters to him. Power, experimenting on the living.. just make a world mega-film that will go over the edge and I'll have fun. And I myself will be Lord. The Roman Colosseum was such a child's double in this game. Now we don't have to go into cages anymore, but with the help of all the attributes mentioned by Mr. Tomanek... it will be a dramatic spectacle, sir, and promising for psychopaths. And don't even bother trying to understand..probably the result of bored hedonism, a total absence of love, so I don't count perverted sex...In one word, human disgust, waste, evil, demonic obsession can think and plan something like that. Still a human creature category. Unfortunately.

          2. Well, Honzo, the border between science fiction and current reality is sometimes incomprehensible, especially for some, most are asleep, like those of the Louňovics ‍

        1. “Your assumption is very much on the water in one thing. It assumes that all those who reach important positions are controllable (corruptible). In my opinion, that assumption is very wrong."

          = Throughout historical time, perhaps since the end of the Stone Age, there have been three types of people in the world: Those at the top, Those in the middle, and Those at the bottom. They divided still further, were called by different names, and their relative number, as well as the attitude of one to the other, varied through the ages; but in essence the structure of society never changed. Even after huge upheavals and seemingly irrevocable changes, the same pattern has always reasserted itself, just as a gyroscope always returns to equilibrium after it has veered far to one side or the other.

          "The goals of these three groups are completely incompatible. The goal of Those Above is to stay where they are. The goal of the Ones in the middle is to trade places with the Ones at the top. The goal of the Downers, if they have any goal—for it is a permanent characteristic of the Downers that they are too consumed with toil to be more often aware of anything outside of their daily lives—is to abolish all distinctions and create a society in which all men are equal. And so, in the course of history, a struggle takes place again and again, which is always the same in its main outlines. For long periods the Ones at the top seem to be securely in power, but sooner or later there always comes a time when they either lose faith in themselves or the ability to rule effectively, or both. They are then overthrown by Those in the middle who win over those below to their side by pretending to fight for freedom and justice. Once those in the middle have achieved their goal, they throw those below back into their former slave status and become those above themselves.
          A new group of Middle Ones immediately breaks away from one of the remaining groups and the fight begins anew. Of the three groups, only the Down Ones never, even temporarily, succeed in achieving their goal. It would be an exaggeration to say that they have not made any material progress throughout history. Even today, in a period of decline, the average person lives better than centuries ago…”

          (George Orwell » Work: “1984”)

  11. There is an interesting book on this topic, Joe Biden and the Rise of Fascism in the 21st Century, and many others, but in this book the author has summarized quite well what has been going on for the last hundred years.

  12. It would be on the order of 80 million, and that would be a small number of subjects. More like "order". I know what psychopaths are capable of. This is illustrative: https://otevrisvoumysl.cz/jp-sears-je-klaus-schwab-nejnebezpecnejsi-clovek-na-svete/.
    Everything fits together. The philosophical concept is quite complex, because everyone has a part in it.
    1. Let it flow and be silent
    2. Talking about it with non-believers with the only bonus of saying “I told you so” at the end
    3. Join the movement and gain the precarious (yet conscious) position of a good servant. (Like in Venom 2018)

    I would add that the killer is absolved of guilt if the killed person asks for the deadly thing. He ceases to be a murderer and becomes a benefactor. A benefactor without quotation marks, because the consciousness of "self-evident truth" has disappeared, that is, the consciousness of good and evil - the place where evil wins.

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