Why am I quitting blogging on Echo24?

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After the experience when I was also with some other colleagues "Leave" from blogs on Aktuelle, we agreed with the editors of Echo24 that they would take us under their wing.

But that has changed and Echo24 has now transferred their blogs under another company “Coolpany” and moved the blogs to the platform Blog world.
Echo24 is said to be interesting texts (according to their words) to further share at home - which, in my opinion, is again just a selection and a certain censorship in the translation.
Plus, it made sense for me to be a part of Echo24 and not build someone else's blogger platform - if I wanted this, I could have started a blog on Google's biggest platform, Blogger, for example.

So I join the other colleagues who have been affected by this move as much as I have been and end it.

Maybe it was providence, but a month ago I started my own platform on my blog – that is, I have 100% freedom and what I experienced twice will not happen to me a third time – that is, that someone decides about me without me.

Thanks to Echo24 for the space so far and if you are interested, we will see you here again.
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