Let's finally talk about the Great Reset

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Let's call it what you want - New Fourth Industrial Revolution, New World Order, Green deal, Agenda 2030, Great reset... - it doesn't matter - the result is still the same and we need to start seriously talking about it.

Global redistribution and modern-day Orwellian socialism with ever-increasing unfreedom and censorship, but presented under the guise of false good, ecology, protection from a banal virus, distant war, or sustainability and social welfare. A system of voluntary renunciation, which everyone willingly accepts and who does not, and who doubts it even with a word, will be a hated class enemy.

And now, those who don't believe it, please answer one basic question.

If that were true - would such a world suit you? 

If so, and you believe that this time socialism will finally work, then it is pointless to read anything further, because you are in a completely different boat than I am.
But if you're not comfortable with eventual global socialism, censorship, and unfreedom, but you JUST don't want to believe it because it seems crazy and a far-fetched conspiracy, you're in the right place and please read on.

I don't know myself and I'm reluctant to believe everything, but there are so many clues and so many coincidences that they can no longer be considered random events. After all, when you run out of rational explanations, it's time to start looking for those, at first glance, irrational explanations.
If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and behaves like a duck, you simply have to admit that it will most likely be a duck.

It is hard to say what more direct proof would have to be laid than the perception of what is happening around us and the fact that world leaders say these words about the New World Order they are using more and more often (Biden 2022 after the NATO summit) – whether they imagine different things under it.

Whether you believe it or not - it is already happening without you - the total destruction of the old order, the food and energy insufficiency of countries, the media that has completely lost its watchdog function, the destruction of families and friendships, governments opposing their own people, the liquidation of smaller of companies and the middle class and an over-indebted economy…
Didn't you find it strange that the solution to covid everywhere in the world was set up to be the worst possible outcome? Or that our leaders, instead of promoting peace, are literally being pushed into war?

The book Butterfly Scream, which I wrote in 2017, which tells about global conspiracies and conspiracies, which unfortunately are becoming more and more real…

I don't really know the answer, but ask yourself the question - what if it's true? Are you really willing to so flippantly condemn the entire future of your children?
So wouldn't it be worth it, at least to admit the possibility, to become more interested in what is happening around you, and then maybe put it aside later as stupidity and a hoax?
Isn't the life and freedom of your children worth starting to take a little interest in what's going on around you?
Because very soon there may be a tipping point when a return to the original order will not be even remotely possible.

Please try it - for your children's sake. It's hard to find 100% answers, but it's about asking questions and not just accepting the media mantra.

For example, watch these three movies and give them that time.

It is not a matter of blindly trusting those documents, but it is one point of view that you should not neglect for the sake of your children. Doubt them and find out more.

WEF – just to understand that NOTHING is a coincidence and how incredibly DEEP and OLD the rabbit hole really is…

Do you believe in the Great Reset?

In this case, the Great Reset is, in addition to the existing book, a global conspiracy plan and a tendency towards one world government and totalitarian control of people. Do you believe it exists?

Maybe it really is time to stop closing our eyes to what is happening around us and rejecting it just because someone very cleverly labeled it a "conspiracy" in the media. And you know very well how many "conspiracies" have become reality in the last two years.
As they say - the best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

Also published on Echo24 – March 2022

Link to New Sci-Fi Consideration – "What if..."

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1 month ago

Just read the 4th industrial revolution and Covid 19 – the big reset. They don't even hide it. I was interested in the sentences about the fact that a hybrid war can cause some people to not even realize that they are in a war and also that people will have to put up with the fact that they will not have any privacy (sensors), etc.

1 month ago

Jourová will obligatorily inoculate and digitize us all so that we think what we are supposed to think according to Davos, and not what we want to think.

Sh(Ch)wáb will "flatten" us, because because of us "oceans are boiling."
It is completely clear to them, unlike us:
war to peace..

Reply  CZkotas
1 month ago

Not me, I'd rather die or move to a desert island. No government on the planet in its entire history has subjugated and enslaved a 100% sample population.

Reply  Days
1 month ago

Yes. I see it the same way. I lost two jobs in the co*covid hysteria. I have never been to a fraudulent PCR test. I didn't wear masks. I've been doing exactly the opposite and I'm not going to change it. Same wife. We also protected our preschool children..

..Knowledge is power.. Freedom is what we make of it… Wars are just political contrived theater and ALWAYS for foreign interests……

1 month ago

In this case, the question "what if it were true" can no longer be doubted, because it is obvious that it is happening!
It is still possible to stop it, it just depends on enlightenment and people's willingness to resist and say NO.
Be despised, realize and stop playing their satanic game with them.

11 months ago

Thanks for your incredible courage to write about things that don't seem trendy to talk about today. At the same time, it should be the other way around. This is the turning point of a millennium, perhaps of our entire civilization. How come everyone hasn't been discussing the Great Reset for a long time? On the contrary, many people do not even bother to find out the basic information. Are they tired of the possibility of private ownership and do they approve of the slogan "You will own nothing and be happy"? Do they not believe that such a thing is possible?

The very idea of a big reset, as the need to change the world because the current path is unsustainable, is absolutely sad and indefensible from my point of view for two reasons.
First of all, we cannot be led to a better solution by those who bear the greatest responsibility for the current state of affairs. At the same time, they themselves describe it as tragic.
Secondly, from the problems we got into due to the disconnection from natural life and due to the excessive speed of development, development without regard to the effects around us, especially as a result of the application of technology, we can hardly be saved by other technologies applied at an even greater speed without any testing and deeper considerations. During the implementation of the Great Reset, these are also to be deployed with absolute disregard for our rights and freedoms and used to monitor and spy on our every step and every activity, which is already happening to a large extent today.
In short, newer doesn't always mean better, and faster isn't always better. Or am i wrong? Even this possibility must be admitted, and it is another point where the global elites behind the idea of a great reset fail. They are "perfect" and play gods. This is where the greatest hope lies for me, these games will definitely not pay off for them.

Dagmar Navrátilová
Dagmar Navrátilová
Reply  private-online.cz
1 month ago

This is so well and succinctly written, I couldn't have done it any better.
Everything that's going through my head, that I've been thinking about for more than a year, I just can't sum it up in such a mature way.